Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Autumn/Fall Inspired Makeup

Bold Lips, Natural Bronzy Eyes and Dewy Complexion = Perfect Autumn Look.

The lipstick i'm wearing in this picture is out of a cheap palette. But i'm absolutely loving it. It's more of a lip stain than a lipstick. Although i recently bought a MAC lipstick called 'hang up' which i LOVE.

MAC Select foundation.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish & MAC Blot powder (to set).
MUA Bronzer (on cheekbones)
Set with MAC Studio fix +

120 Palette - goldy colour on eyelid, shimmery brown in crease and blended up, matte cream as highlight and in inner corners.
MAC e/s in 'Brown Down' on bottom and top lash lines. 
Avon Supershock mascara for long thick lashes.
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil to fill in brows, set with 'Brown Down' e/s.

Exfoliate so they're smooth. Put on lipbalm, i used carmex. Neutralise lips with concealer or foundation. Apply maroony, purpley, deep lipstick or stain. Set with powder and add another layer. Apply a coat of lipbalm on top for a dewy look.

Tadaahhhh! Perfect for those autumn days. 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

MAC Studio Tech Foundation Review.

I have MAC studio tech foundation is NC42, which is like the perfect colour for me in the autumn/winter time when i'm a bit paler. I used it all in i'd say about.. 3/4 months. Which is pretty bad considering the MAC bottled foundations last a lot longer. I wrote this review a while ago, had it saved so i've decided to post it on here. I got this when i was experimenting with different foundations. What i didn't realise is it's more for dry skin and i have oily skin - oopsy! But still, here's some pro's and con's:


  • I love the consistency it's so creamy and goes on really smooth with either a stippling brush, your fingers or a normal foundation brush or even the sponge that comes with it.
  • The colour is a really nice yellow undertone, not too orangey or yellowy. It's a really nice 'skin like' colour?
  • It blends really really easily. 
  • It gives a flawless but dewy look to the skin, so it still looked natural.
  • It actually does look really good on photo's (when you first put it on) - dewy flawless healthy looking skin.
  • Buildable Coverage. 
  • Packaging. Cute, hard plastic compact with sponge it the bottom. Easy to carry around.


  • It doesn't stay on my skin that well. I would itch or rub my face and it would all come off over my hands and clothes -.- so annoying. Rubs off so easily. So wear it - just don't touch your face!
  • So it looked great on pictures at first! Then after a good few hours it would make me look like an oily, greasy mess on pictures. GREAT. Not what you need. I repeatedly had to keep setting it with my Blot Powder. Not ideal when i'm out. 
  • My powders, blush etc. didn't seem to stay on top very well. Although they do on top of other foundations. I think 'cause it was so creamy and when it rubbed off my powder rubbed off too.
So obviously, there are more pro's than con's! But i would recommend this foundation for people with drier skin rather than oily like mine. But overall it is definitely a nice foundation with a nice finish. But if your skins really oily - DON'T DO IT!

Get to know me..

What’s your name ?
My name is Nadia.
Where do you come from ?
I'm from Manchester, England. Born 'n' Bred. 
How old are you ?
I’m 16 years old.
What’s your job ?
I'm a college student.
What camera do you use ?
My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot. Model DSC-W370. 14.1 mega-pixels. Good quality pictures and video's!
What software do you use to edit photos ?
I use 'Photobooth' or any other Apple apps.
Do you have any piercings ?
I have three piercings: my ears, my belly button, and my hip (which i love) and planning more soon.
Where do you get all your jewellery ?
Most of my jewellery is from Primark! So cheap, affordable and cute. Although i have a lot of stuff from Topshop too, which i almost always pick up the sale, not purposely though. I have an amazing watch necklace from my nan (vintage) and Republic has some good purchases too.
Where do you buy your clothes ?
Oooh anywhere and everywhere. I love Topshop! River Island, H&M, Zara, Vintage Stores, Miss Selfridge any high street shop really. 
Do you dye your hair ?
I'm actually allergic to hair dye :( 1, 2, 3 - awwww! Although i didn't find this out until i dyed my hair black a few years ago. But i used to have highlights all the time, using the cap, so it didn't touch my scalp and i didn't react. But i hated my roots showing through! So, i had it dyed back to my natural haircolour. Long story. I had this stupid ring thing around my head (like one of them things you put round  a cat/dogs head after they've been to the vets) so it didn't touch my scalp. Luckily the dye was the right colour so no roots, yaaay! It was really black at first, now the sun has faded it a little, so it looks like i have highlights.
What product do you use to keep your hair healthy ?
I change what i use quite a lot! I used to love head and shoulders - but now i'm using Pantene Pro-v and i love it. Aussie Miracle Moist Conditioner is amazing. I also have a hair mask i bought on holiday (Rose of Bulgaria) which i use 2-3 times a week. My heat defence and hairspray are Tresemme! 
What make up do you use ?
My basic day-day makeup changes a lot. But it's pretty much all MAC. Sometimes Pro-Longwear Foundation or sometimes Select spf15. I love my MAC Mineralize Skin-finish! LOVE IT. And the Blot Powder. I use the Wet 'n' Wild Cover All Concealer Palette. MAC gel eyeliner or my Maybelline Pencil Eyeliner. Avon SuperShock Mascara MY FAVE, so good! 
How did you 'learn' makeup ?
I watched Youtubes video's since i was about 13, followed blogs, went to beauty counters- then practice, practice, practice and experiment! I love makeup and even though i'm not training in makeup at college i do plan on doing makeup courses in the evenings and in the future. I'd like to be qualified as a makeup artist but i'm also doing psychology, sociology, english lang&lit and philosophy at college. So i'll see where i go from there. 
On this blog: I'm going to be reviewing, doing tutorials, favourites, tips and tricks, Face of the Day's, hairstyles? (maybe), fashion looks\lusts, wishlist's. OMG ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH MAKEUP, STYLE, BEAUTY, SKINCARE, JEWELLERY! Anything to help make us girls look and feel absolutely beautiful.
Also hoping to start making Youtube video's..
Nadia xox