Thursday, 15 September 2011

MAC Studio Tech Foundation Review.

I have MAC studio tech foundation is NC42, which is like the perfect colour for me in the autumn/winter time when i'm a bit paler. I used it all in i'd say about.. 3/4 months. Which is pretty bad considering the MAC bottled foundations last a lot longer. I wrote this review a while ago, had it saved so i've decided to post it on here. I got this when i was experimenting with different foundations. What i didn't realise is it's more for dry skin and i have oily skin - oopsy! But still, here's some pro's and con's:


  • I love the consistency it's so creamy and goes on really smooth with either a stippling brush, your fingers or a normal foundation brush or even the sponge that comes with it.
  • The colour is a really nice yellow undertone, not too orangey or yellowy. It's a really nice 'skin like' colour?
  • It blends really really easily. 
  • It gives a flawless but dewy look to the skin, so it still looked natural.
  • It actually does look really good on photo's (when you first put it on) - dewy flawless healthy looking skin.
  • Buildable Coverage. 
  • Packaging. Cute, hard plastic compact with sponge it the bottom. Easy to carry around.


  • It doesn't stay on my skin that well. I would itch or rub my face and it would all come off over my hands and clothes -.- so annoying. Rubs off so easily. So wear it - just don't touch your face!
  • So it looked great on pictures at first! Then after a good few hours it would make me look like an oily, greasy mess on pictures. GREAT. Not what you need. I repeatedly had to keep setting it with my Blot Powder. Not ideal when i'm out. 
  • My powders, blush etc. didn't seem to stay on top very well. Although they do on top of other foundations. I think 'cause it was so creamy and when it rubbed off my powder rubbed off too.
So obviously, there are more pro's than con's! But i would recommend this foundation for people with drier skin rather than oily like mine. But overall it is definitely a nice foundation with a nice finish. But if your skins really oily - DON'T DO IT!

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