Monday, 31 October 2011

Another Outfit..

Top - Miss Selfridge
Pants - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Shirt - Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Earrings (little robots) - Topshop
Ring - Primark
Watch - Bulgaria :P
Bracelet - My beautiful Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.

LOVED wearing this outfit. Comfy & Casual yet i looked like i made an effort = perfect (for me anyway). I purchased the top years ago from Miss Selfridge and now i'm really liking it again!

So, my boyfriend Mark had the honours of taking these photographs. He's doing media at college so i thought he'd be the perfect camera man - practice those skills! We went into his backgarden and basically took like a gazillion pictures.  Really like the background its scruffty looking. Might take all my pictures at his house? Bet he'll love that.

Couldn't be anymore in love with that scarf if i tried. It's a copy of the Alexander Wang one! From good old primark. They do quite a few colours, but i couldn't decide between the cream or the black one! So i eventually got the cream one. A few days later my mum surprised me with the black one (yay). They're only like £2/3, bargain! Go get um ;)

Toodles, Nadia xoxox


  1. love the scarf!

  2. Love the outfit! My kind of style too!


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