Sunday, 27 November 2011

Barry M vs Nails Inc.

This winter i am loving red/wine coloured nails (and lips).  Dark red nails are mature, classy but make a statement. They add a bit of grunge to a floral, feminine outfit and add a pop of colour to a dark outfit.
I must admit my nails have been red pretty much since i purchased the Barry M nail varnish towards the end of September. It's one colour i can't get enough off.

So i purchased the Barry M nail paint in 'Raspberry' whilst the Nails Inc nail varnish called 'Tate' i got free in either October or Novembers Glamour Magazine. And even though i knew i had a red nail polish already, i just had to have another because as i said, i love the colour so much.

The Barry M is slightly more pink - a proper raspberry colour (hence the name), whereas the Nails Inc is a true wine red.  Barry M's has also got a thicker consistency, the Nails Inc is lot thinner/watery but still both highly pigmented. I find the Nails Inc can be a little bit streaky sometimes and seems to chip a little easier than the Barry M. Overall, they're both very easy to paint on and only need two coats to get a full coverage. If you want a true red colour then i'd definitely go for the Nails Inc. But once the Barry M has two coats there is very little difference! The Barry M has a nice thick-ish consistency that makes it easy to blend in and achieve a streak free finish, though you have to work a little harder to make the Nails Inc streak free. Both have a nice glossy, professional looking finish.

I'd definitely re-purchase the Barry M (£3) over the Nails Inc (£11) anytime!

Barry M 'Raspberry'

Nails Inc 'Tate'


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Modelling for Media

As i've probably mentioned before, my boyfriend (Mark!) is doing a media course at college and i've been recruited as his 'model'.  His project was to design a 'Lucozade attracter' so, he had to advertise three companies through the Lucozade bottle.

One company was 'Frank' (drugs advice) - So his concept was 'Don't let drugs fade you away'.
So i was model, stylist and makeup artist in one. Good job i can multi-task.
We wanted the 'morning after a big night out look' so i made myself look as rough as possible (only one half of my face) and wore an old dress. Then he wanted to put the other half of my face as a skull and did the effect that i was 'fading away'.
Before editing:  

Final edit:                                          

The next one was 'Brook' (sexual health advice) - So for this one he wanted to do my eye-makeup in Lucozade colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple) and his was going to put hands 'Opening my eye' as in, 'Open your eyes - be safe'. I did two looks, i preferred the second look but he used the first look.

First look:                                                                                                            

Second look:

Final Edit

The third one's 'Young Minds' (mental health advice) - For this i had to pose like a puppet. The motto being 'Don't lose control', talk to 'Young Minds' before you lost control, get help!

Before editing:                                                                                             

Final edit:

So, that's all the modelling, make-up etc. i have done so far for his media. They have to upload their work onto their blog for his course so check his out -  It has all his media work on there.

Nadia xoxo

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Oh you smell nice!

As a huge Rihanna fan i was counting down until her perfume was launched and just knew i had to get it! I'd been searching online and all reviews i'd read said it was a really nice. But, i was still really unsure - i didn't want the perfume just because i liked Rihanna.
Hoping and hoping i genuinely liked the perfume, when i finally got to smell it, i did in fact really like it.

And apparently, so does everybody else.
No doubt everytime i wear this perfume at least one person says 'You smell nice, what perfume are you wearing?' and everytime my answer still is.. 'Rihanna's'. Reb'l Fleur has a really strange (but lovely) scent, it isn't like the usual perfume i would wear (floral, sweet, girlie) and to me it isn't a strong scent, i can't seem to smell it when it's on me, but everyone else seems to pick up on the scent. I don't wear this everyday i switch it up between this, Juicy Couture. I love my Juicy Couture it's one of my favourite perfumes but how i can i resist wearing Reb'l Fleur when i get so many compliments.

Whats your all time favourite perfume? Do you like Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna?