Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Red Lips & Coral Cheeks.

One thing i love around christmas time is... the AVON book ahaha! It does some really good discounts and offers and one thing i've stocked up on this year is the double ended black and brown eyeliner - think i've ordered 4 more altogether, they're only like a pound or maybe even 75p BARGAIN!!

My mum and nanna hid it from me when the order came though because they was going to give it me for chrismas, cheeky! But i really wanted the lipstick i ordered,  so i kept mithering and i took two things out of it for now.  A blusher and the much awaited lipstick. 

The blusher:
Avon True Colour Blusher (Russet)

A matte, coral colour - very pigmented so make sure you have a light hand or you end up looking like a bit of a clown (disaster). Otherwise it's a natural, bronzy flush.
Only downfall is, it can be a bit hard to blend. Only a little though. Think a good brush definitely helps though.

The lipstick: (I KNOW IT DOES NOT SUIT ME, looks like theatre/stage lipstick on me, i now dab a bit of my Mac - Hang Up on top to make it darker burgundy colour).

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick (Red 2000)

It is honestly BRIGHT RED. Can't really tell on the pictures but all i can say is, it's a true bright red lipstick - not for the faint hearted. Extremely pigmented, one 'coat' is perfect and soo bright. It has a nice glossy finish and isn't drying on the lips. With lipliner it doesn't smudge outside the lips. Such a good lipstick!!! Want more in different colours - just hard because you can't see the colours properly in the Avon book or online, bit of a guessing game :/

Overall, two amazing products from Avon, can't wait to get the rest at christmas! Avon products are definitely high quality and good, just hard because you can't get a proper idea of the shades. 
Definitely recommend both of the products especially the lipstick!

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