Thursday, 23 February 2012

Look it's Lipstick!

Look Cosmetics lipstick in 'Shade 4 - Toffee Cup' Available from selected Superdrug stores (i assume the larger ones)

There are about 5 shades available. I'm sure everyone can find a shade they love. 
This was my favourite out of all the available colours. It looks very natural and just adds a nice pop of colour in one swipe. 

Packaging: As you can see on the picture above it is packaged within a nice silver metallic, rectangular  shaped enclosure (which has it's pro's and cons). I find it pretty bulky which i dislike when taking out in a small bag but it can be useful as you can find it easily. I also like how it does like nice on your dressing table when stood up.

Colour:  I would describe this as a baby pink toned nude. As you can see above on me it is very light and leans more towards a light pink whereas on The Sunday Girl it is much more of a darker pink nude. It all depends on the colour of your skin but i think on very dark skintones this will be way too light (i am NC42 - Mac). So much darker than my skintone i'm not sure you could get away with it unfortunately. 

Consistency: The lipstick itself is pretty highly pigmented. It provides an opaque coverage in 1/2 swipe and doesn't feather/bleed. I find this lipstick can be very drying after it has been applied. So applying lip balm beforehand is essential!
Length of wear: I'd say this would last about 4 hours without food/drink and obviously a little less when eating or drinking. So don't forget to take it with you for top-ups along with lip balm. 

Overall, it is a very good lipstick that i seem to reach for daily for a nice nude-ish lip. And for £7 it doesn't break the bank! I definitely recommend you try these out (if you can find them)! 


  1. I am really excited to check this range out! Am soon visiting London so will probably find a bigger store there and be able to try it out..!
    Really interesting review xoxx

    1. ooh you should be! it does seem pretty good - want to try some more pieces from this range! you definitely should and find a lipstick to suit you! thankyou <3

  2. I love that toffee cup colour, and its such a good price too - i need to get to superdrug!!

    1. it's gorgeous isn't it :) you should definitely check them out! <3


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