Monday, 13 February 2012

Quick Update.

So i haven't blogged in 8 days :o how bad am i?!
All i can say is, i've been so busy lately - college and i've actually had a social life! I always plan to do things, then oops, i do everything but that! I pick the laptop up ready to do a blog post and i end up on other peoples blogs! So, my January goal of blogging more - hasn't exactly gone to plan, but i'm trying! 

And my other goal... eating healthily and sticking to my pole fitness sessions. I'm happy to say has pretty much gone to plan. Minus a few takeaways, a nando's and lots of terry's chocolate orange i've been eating three meals a day and sticking to the pole fitness sessions and i am definitely so much stronger but it's also so much fun. My arms ache like nothing else the next day! 

Updated goals:
1) Do more exercise! One pole fitness class a week is not making my tummy any flatter :(
2) Eat less terry's chocolate orange - it's becoming a bit of an addiction, i've even been dreaming about it!
3) Figure out ways to make sure i keep up with my blogging - i have all the pictures ready, just haven't done the posts!

So so glad the horrible weather is clearing up now! Hope it's not cold today as tonight i am going to watch Noel Gallagher in concert with my boyfriend and because we're standing and mark (my boyfriend) wants to be at the front we're going to be queueing! 
Valentines day tomorrow! Is anyone doing anything special? or do you not 'celebrate' it?

Nice talking to ya' - expect party outfits, lipstick review and a small haul! 


  1. I love your jacket! :)

    1. thankyou :) my trusty parka - i love it.
      it's from new look :) <3

  2. Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. aw thanks! of course i will :} <3


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