Thursday, 16 February 2012

Small Haul!

Here are a few things i picked up when i went shopping on that 'snowy day' in Trafford Centre and Manchester.

 Look Lipstick in Shade 4 - Toffee Cup - £7
You can imagine my joy when i arrived at Trafford Centre to find a new, huge Superdrug which has Look Magazine cosmetics! yaaay! After seeing so many blog posts about Look cosmetics i knew i had to buy something. So i settled for this lovely, milky pink lipstick (review to come).

Skirt - Topshop - £12
I picked this skirt up in the sale in Selfridges. I was so happy! Not long ago, i broke the zip on my other bodycon skirt so, on the hunt for another one, i couldn't resist this with the leather along the top. It's perfect, such a lucky find.

Top - H&M - £9.99
I was searching for a top to wear with the skirt - considering this is black and white i thought 'what the hell' i'll try it on. I actually really liked it with the skirt and decided to buy it as i could always return it if i decided i didn't like it (outfit to come).

Dress - H&M - £15
At first i was a little unsure about this dress. To be honest i just bought it because it looked OK and i couldn't find another. Now i love it. It was so hard to picture - but it's a bright, cobolt blue. Amazing, i absolutely love it for day and night! (outfit to come)

 Dress - Primark - £10
I bought this specifically to go out in. Another LBD that i absolutely love. It's very flattering (sucks you in) yet it does look very 'sexy' with the sheer parts. Overall i think it's bargain purchase. (outfit to come)

 Natural Collection Blusher - Peach Melba - £2
Last but not least, a blusher i have heard quite a lot about. I used to use Natural Collection when i first started out with makeup and have heard lots of good things about this blusher. A smooth dusky, pink - so far so good. (review to come)

Hope you like my haul and the few things i picked up. All will be featured in upcoming posts!


  1. I tag you to take part in the 11 questions tag:

  2. Is the blue dress still in stores?? I have to have it in my life!!! im in search of all things royal blue!!

    lovely lovely blog.. x

    1. yes i bought it less than a week ago!
      go get it, you won't regret it, i promise :)

      thankyou, as is yours <3


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