Friday, 23 March 2012

All About Nails - Mulberry Pie

'All about nails' are a range of nail polishes available from Tesco and the best part is... they cost £1 each - yes you read that correctly, a 7ml nail polish for a mere £1!!!!

Now my first encounter of these was in college, when my friend had some in her bag -she had the most amazing hot pink, which i painted my nails with and instantly fell in love with! I practically ran to Tesco (ok, maybe a little bit too dramatic) desperately wanting that colour. Unfortunately they did not have that colour :'( but i came out with 4 others...

(expect to see posts about the other polishes..)

Colour: As you can see this polish is a lovely mauve, dusky pink. To me - perfect for the spring time! It's also super flattering, classy and grown up yet completely on trend. 

Consistency: I find this nail polish applies really easily - not too thick or too thin. It is highly pigmented and creates an opaque, glossy finish in just two coats. You could probably get away with one thicker coat if you were in a hurry.. 
It applies so evenly, no streaks just a solid block of colour.

Length of wear: I was SO surprised with this polish - it's like armour - it just does not chip. Most nail polishes i wear chip within 24 hours - did this? No. It had minor chipping after about 48-72hours (two/three days) which is a miracle considering the OPI nail polish didn't even last that long. And even when i painted over to fill in a chip it applied completely full and evenly; you couldn't even tell i had 'topped it up'. 
I took this off after wearing it for 4 days and it came off with ease!

I can't stop going on about how much i love this polish, it is honestly perfect to me (well, near enough). I love the colour, consistency and the fact is lasts longer than any other nail polish i have ever tried! 
I haven't tried the other colours yet but i can't wait to do so and i will be sure to update you on them too ;) 

So if you see these in your local Tesco i would honestly recommend you pick one up - for £1 they are 'cheap as chips' and you won't regret it!


  1. 7ml for £1. That's crazy! great colour payoff too! :)

    1. exactly it's amazing isn't it! my favourite nail polish of the moment! <3

  2. I will be buying some when I do my grocery shopping at the weekend ;) x

    1. oh you most definitely should! ahaa <3


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