Sunday, 1 April 2012

MUA Out There Plumping Lipgloss!

MUA - Out There Plumping Lipgloss - Shade 'Buff' - £2 - Superdrug

Although i have been blessed with quite full, large lips i have still been considering 'plumping' products for a while - just because i love the idea or big, full, sensuous lips (you know like you see in the adverts)! After seeing many blog posts about this product, i decided it was worth a try because the price is sooo cheap!!

Packaging: MUA are such a cheap brand - but the packaging does not reflect this at all - it's sturdy, sleek and is probably just as good quality as higher end brands. I love the fact this lipgloss is long and thin (so easy to feel and grab in your bag) and you can see the colour through the clear glass which is always helpful! The brush is a one of the spongy, 'doe foot' applicators which gives a even, smooth coverage. 

One Layer
Two Layers
Colour: As you can seee, once applied the colour is a lovely, milky pink. This shade (buff) and the shade 'nude' looked so similar in the bottle. I got buff because it was slightly browner and darker - suitable for darker skintones, whereas i think nude would be better suited for people with lighter skin. This a mauve pink, with no shimmer and it isn't a super 'wet' gloss. It just adds a nice, natural sheen of colour to your lips. And makes my dry cracked lips (boohhoo) look perfectly smooth and healthy (maybe even kissable? ;))

Length of wear:  It lasts around 2-3hours (typical of a lipgloss) and looks completely flawless for the whole time it is on the lips. The 'tingly' feeling you get, to me, isn't really 'tingly' it's like a mild (extremely mild) stingy feeling - but i kinda like it strangely (although that feeling may be because my lips are quite dry and sore). But you get that slight 'tingly' feeling for about 30seconds about a minute after you have applied the gloss - you won't feel anything at first!

Overall, i actually love this gloss - very much (and i am not a huge fan of lipglosses). I wore this over a lipstick on a night out and the next morning (weirdly) my mum did say my lips looked very plumped and large. I'm not sure it makes your lips look much more 'plumper' at the time, but it does make them look very good so for £2 it suits me fine!


  1. I got a few MUA products today, I got the Pink Sugar one for £2 and I already have the Shade 5 version. Such a great buy. :)


    1. they really are! hope to see them on your blog soon? <3

  2. Just posted about it lovely<3


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