Monday, 19 March 2012

OPI - Nicki Minaj - Super Bass Shatter!

I'll start off by explaining why the nail polish on these pictures is soooo chipped. 
I painted my nails one night planning to take the pictures in the daylight the next morning. I awoke in the morning to find it all chipped and as the day went on more and more came off. Not exactly what i expected from an OPI nail varnish retailing at £10.50!! My first impressions = not so good. 

I painted all my nails with a base coat, then applied two coats of Nicki Minaj Super Bass shatter all over my nails (except the ring fingers). On the ring fingers i applied Nicki Minaj Did it on em' (two coats) with a coat of Super Bass chatter over. Then set them all with a layer of topcoat.

So the point of this post? A kinda review and to show the colours in case any of you are considering

Colour: A lovely berry purple that in the light shines different pink and purple tones and also has a slight shimmer. 
Consistency: My first encounter with OPI nail polishes and i find them to be extremely thin and watery, really you need three thin layers to create a full, opaque coverage or two thicker layers i guess are fine if your in a rush or can't be bothered. 
Length of wear: Overnight whilst i was sleeping chips seemed to have occurred - i don't know how! And after a few hours of me being up they looked as they do on the pictures. The 'proper' nail varnish (Did it on em') did last a bit longer than the shatter but still, they didn't last very long at all which is quite disappointing considering the price, as i own £1 nail varnishes that last longer!

So overall, i'm going to keep trying these polishes out see if my opinion changes. But so far, i have to say i am disappointed with my first encounter with OPI nail varnishes! 

I bought the Nicki Minaj mini set from ASOS for £18 - you get four mini's (Did it on em', Metallic 4 life, Fly, Pink Friday) and a full sized shatter (Super Bass).

What do you think? Is there too much 'hype' around these varnishes? And what do you think of the colours? 


  1. Great post, you have really lovely blog!:-)
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    1. aw thankyou hunny and yes i will follow you when i've had chance to have a look at your blog <3

  2. That is terrible. I always do my nails in the evening and they are in perfect condition in the morning. I would expect long wear form OPI. You must be very disappointed.

    1. exactly - such a shame, it was very dissapointing! going to keep trying these out..


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