Thursday, 22 March 2012

Other ways to follow me..

After recently hearing about Google Friend Connect not being available for non-blogger websites i thought i'd let you know other ways to follow me and keep updated with my blog. Also these are just really good websites for 'social networking' for your blog and signing up to yourself:

The first website (my favourite) is - i love this website for following blogs it is so easy to navigate, my posts appear simultaneously and i can send a 'message' to all my followers on there. You can connect with hellocotton via your facebook account or by signing up. I do recommend you sign your blog up yourself! I check it everyday, you can discover new blogs so easily it really is great. So check the website out and follow my blog :)

Another website which i'm sure everyone knows about - i have only just recently (in other words - today) figured out how to get my posts to appear on this website, i don't understand rss feeds and all that stuff. So now i have finally done it (yaay) go follow me and all your other favourite blogs because most blogs are signed up to bloglovin'. You can easily see all the blogs your following down the side, you can like posts and see popular blogs too - easy peasy! 

I am also a member of  - which is a site where you can follow and make friends with bloggers and also discover blogs by 'popular' 'recent' and 'country'. You can also talk about different topics. It is really great for discovering new blogs and making friends with bloggers that are different from you and maybe blog about technology or food. I don't love this website but i do check it regualrly :D

I'm sure everyone is familiar with - you simply follow whoever you like (providing they have signed up of coure) and their 'tweets' will be on your timeline. You can 're-tweet' tweets and 'mention' people and also direct message them. So follow me here:!/peaceofclothing where i tweet all sorts and you can keep up to date with my latest posts (i tweet about them) and see what i am up too.

You can also follow me on instagram, which is only available for iphone/ipod touch users (download from the appstore) where i just post pictures about upcoming posts, recent purchases and my life in general really. My username is - nadiaa_xo

So, i don't think i have missed any websites out - if i have or join any more i will update this post! Follow me on any of these and i will check yours out too and most likely follow back!
Thankyou for all your support <3

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