Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Quick update and why i can't blog! :o

So if anyone follows this blog on twitter (@peaceofclothing) you will know why i am unable to blog for the next week or so.
Basically i am typing this off a computer telly/touchscreen in a hospital room awaiting surgery.

Cut the story short - very short - i went out with the girls saturday night to  a club, due to a band setting up upstairs we all had to wait downstairs. A security guard opened the door so i moved towards it, next thing i know, the door is slammed shut and my finger is stuck. Somehow i get it out and push through and show him the trapped finger. A paramedic then checks it out and confirms i must go to a&e immediately.

And now.. i am waiting for plastic surgeon to operate (tomorrow hopefully). The tip of my right middle finger (writing hand) is fractured and sliced either side so it is quite loose. I need some bone removing (my nail will have to be removed too) and it all needs patching up. So, i may loose a bit of length off my finger and my nail may never grow the same.
But i am lucky for the care i am/have recieved from the hospital and my friends, family and boyfriend!

In no means do i want or expect sympathy; i just thought i should let my folowers know why blogging will unfortunately be taking a backseat for a while. Trying to do everything with my left hand aint easy and i have coursework and college work to do which obviously comes first!

Big thankyou to everyone who follows me - i will still be keeping updated on your blogs promise!

UPDATE: I'm home, i've had surgery (my finger has not been shortened yaay) i'm missing blogging and going to try and get a post up soon!


  1. oh dear, I hope everything goes ok with the surgery xx


    1. thankyou - it did! i'm really pleased <3


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