Saturday, 17 March 2012

Revlon Colourstay - here to stay?

A foundation that until not long ago was buried deep in my stash but... has now been uncovered, re-tried, tested and is now firmly planted on my dressing table.

I bought this a long while ago, used it for a short amount of time then brushed it away when a new foundation came along. I have a box of all my 'stashed/unused' makeup (as we all probably do) and recently decided i would give it another go. See if my thoughts have changed and i'm quite convinced they have..

Packaging: As you can see above the foundation is bottled in a rounded, sturdy, glass bottle. Not exactly pretty but it's good enough. The bottle is taller and more slim which i prefer as it can easily be put it in your makeup bag to take out and as long as the lid is on tight i am confident it will not leak. One problem i have with this is: NO PUMP! You just have to pour it on your hand and hope for the best. It contains an average amount of liquid (30ml -same as Mac or Estee Lauder) so it is good value for money!

Colour: I have 'Natural Tan' second darkest from the normal/dry shades. The colour is slightly too dark for me in the winter (oops) as i am definitely a lot paler - but i love the fact it blends into my skin and kind of works with my skin to not look dark or fake. It still looks natural and makes me look like i have a healthy tan! Too me this foundation looks as if it has small (tiny) particles of like shimmer - not obvious atall, this just makes your skin look 'glowy' and dewy and looks gorgeous where the light hits. Cannot fault the colour atall. So natural. Oh so make sure you swatch this foundation before to get the right undertone (some are pink and some are more yellow).

Foundation poured on arm (next to my burn scar)
Blended and spread across my whole arm.
Consistency: It is quite a thick foundation which means it does need a lot of blending and you can definitely feel it on the skin (it is not super heavy but not light either). But once you have mastered the application for this foundation you will find it quick and easy to apply. 
I apply it with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki with a spray of Mac Fix+. A spray of water or fix+ etc. just helps it blend so much easier and i wouldn't use this foundation with a spritz of something 'watery'. As i say it does need lots of blending but the results i'd say are worth it. You don't need a lot so be careful, i have accidentally applied too much and looked like i'm wearing a thick mask (not good) so build it up in small, thin layers and you can achieve a nice medium-full coverage.

Picture of me wearing it!
Length of wear: I've heard lots about this being good for combination/oily skin and lasting ages which i  didn't find the first time i used it. Now, i do find it lasts a good 5hours with no primer or powder and it does last longer set with powder.  Also it does depend on which moisturiser i use (sounds silly) but when i use a more thicker,moisturising cream this foundation (and others) tend to slip off my t-zone! So oily skinned girls - lay off the moisturiser a bit when using this!

Now you're probably wondering why i bought the normal/dry skin formula when my skin is far from it! After reading copious amounts of reviews most people seemed to agree this formula was better for oiler skin - i don't know why but apparently it was! So i listened to the beauty community and went for this formula - pretty glad i did too.

Overall, i do like this foundation for daily use (college, shopping, errands) and save my Estee Lauder Double Wear for more special occasions. For £12.49 it is a 'medium' priced foundation and for everyday use or a cheaper 'back up' foundation it will be well worth those pennies!

So yes - it is here to stay!! What do you think of this foundation?

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