Monday, 23 April 2012

The Blog of Beauty Tag!

Hello guys... the lovely Emer from tagged me to do this post! I love Emer's blog - so go and have a look! And i do love doing a tag every once in a while. So thankyou Emer for tagging me! 

'Blog Of Beauty' Tag
1) You must answer all 5 questions
2) You must tag 6 other beauty blogger's
3) You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

The 5 questions:
1) What is your favourite part about blogging?
Hmm.. Well i've been reading blogs and watching youtubers for years and have always loved looking at different makeup looks, seeing what other people thought of products and finding different way to use products i already had! So i finally bit the bullet and decided to create a blog of mine! I love sharing with others what i enjoy so much - reviews, outfits, FOTD's. I enjoy knowing that it some way, something i have posted has been useful to somebody! And i just love putting my opinion out there ;)
2) Is there something you dislike about blogging? 
I haven't actually had any negative experiences with blogging yet but there are a few things that do get on my nerves. Like comments 'I have followed you, have a look at my blog, follow me back...' - it is really inconsiderate, we've taken lots of time to write this post and it just seems like you haven't even read it! At least find a post you like, write a comment relating to the post then leave your blog/giveaway link! When someone leaves a lovely or constructive comment i am more likely to have a look at their blog! So yeah that's the most annoying thing... 
3) What are your favourite types of posts to read?
I don't know... i love lots of different posts! It really depends on the day. Sometimes i love looking at FOTD'S/Makeup looks or sometimes i love reading skincare posts. So, if i had to pick - i'd say makeup reviews! Looking at what people think of makeup items, how they use them, what's good and bad.
4) What's your favourite post from your own blog?
I don't really think about my posts like that - i have obviously chose and enjoyed writing/shooting them all! My most 'popular' is the 'MAC Studio Tech Foundation Review'. Aaaaah i really have no favourite - maybe the Viva Glam Nicki post (love that lipstick)?!
5) Which beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog? 
Unfortunately i don't have all day to sit here and type all the products other bloggers have tempted me to buy because there are so many! Since i have started blogging my beauty addiction has spun out of control ahaa! I'd have to say has made me want to buy soo many items like a Sleek Blush by 3 palette, Mua Lip Boom... 


  1. No problem hunny,hope you enjoyed doing it :)


  2. Thank you for tagging me! I'm bookmarking this post and will hopefully do the tag soon :)


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