Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ELF Smokey Eye Beauty Book!

Elf Beauty Book - Smokey Eye kit - available from elf online/i got mine from T.K Maxx - £6

Clockwise: Front cover, instructions inside, eyeshadows inside the palette (excuse the missing sponge applicator - i lost it/got rid of it).

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking! As you can probably expect from ELF - this product is cheap and cheerful! Good price, high quality!

The powder eyeshadows are so highly pigmented and just as good quality as the likes of MAC. I tend to lean towards the neutral colours most in this palette but they are all brilliant. I love the cream (top left corner) as a highlight/lid colour! The shades on the end are supposed to be cream eyeshadows and even though they look good on the swatch on the eyelid i do not like them atall. They are so hard and stiff - not so much creamy and the colour is hard to build up - these are not so pigmented at all, a let down compared to the powders! 
 Each row has four shades so you can create a complete a full look, highlight, lid colour, crease shade and the cream eyeshadow can be used as a base or eyeliner. Although i skip the cream shadow and use my own eyeliner and base. 

Flash                                   No Flash
Flash                                No Flash
Flash                          No Flash

Overall i do love this palette/book i don't use the cream eyeshadows as they are just soo hard to work with and the pencil eyeliner isn't the greatest either and with most things the sponge applicator went straight in the bin! But, if you are interested in one of these from ELF i would definitely recommend it - a fun mix of bright and neutrals to apply how you like or create three different coloured smokey eyes (using the shades on the same row)! Definitely a product worth it's teeny pricetag!


  1. i love elf! i also have an eye shadow palette i think there is 32 colours in it and its was so cheap!! great colours in yours ! x]


    1. ooh i'll have to have a look out for that! <3

  2. love these photos and review, thanks. :) xo


  3. I've never tried Elf products, as some say the quality is bad, others say its ok. I know you can't expect loads because of the price lol. Love the colours in this palette though, great for the smoky eye look. x


    1. i think they eyeshadows (powder) are good but the cream eyeshadows are not so good..
      thats true! it really is - you should give elf a go? :) <3

  4. oooh i want this palette , the purpley shades look lovely . May have to have a look in tkmaxx myself xx


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