Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Favourites of March!

To be honest - i'm struggling with this monthly favourites thing - due to the fact i'm a boring sod and stick to what i know! My daily routine never really varies - think i might have to get a bit more adventurous though, don't you think?

 l-r - Rose of Bulgaria Cleansing Milk, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel, Body Shop Mango Body Butter, Lee Stafford Poker Straight Heat Defence Spray, All About Nails Nail Polish, Avon Colortrend Double-ended Kajalstick. 

Rose of Bulgaria Cleansing milk - - 4.80 euro's. 
I got this whilst on holiday in Bulgaria - it's really handy for getting makeup off at night and does an extremely good, fast and easy job of it! It smells like roses (obviously) and is soo gentle and soothing on the skin! If you go to Bulgaria i suggest looking at the Rose of Bulgaria line (cheap and cheerful).
Clinique Moisurizing Gel 125ml- Clinique (counter/online)  - £29
With the recent flush of hot weather in England (which has now gone) this has been a saviour - it gives my skin enough moisture without 'over do'ing' it. This helped my skin to be less oily so my makeup stayed on for longer in the heat! Not a fan of the pricetag though!
The Body Shop Body Butter 200ml - Mango - The Body Shop (store/online) -  usually £12.50 but available online now for £6.25 (bargainnnnnn!)
My mum has been a huge fan of this for a longgg time but i never really understood the buzz about this until recently! The scent is to die for - smells delicious! A little goes a long way - it adds lots of moisture to your skin, sinks straight in (no sticky/greasy legs!) and is so smooth. LOVE THIS STUFF!

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist - Boots (online/store) - £5.89
I have been a huge fan of Lee Stafford hair products for years - affordable, lovely looking (yay for the pink bottles) and definitely do what they say! I re-discovered this this month and wonder how i have coped without it? Protects hair against all heat (hair dryer, straighteners, curlers etc.) and does keep hair looking healthy and shiny!

All About Nails Nail Varnish - 'Mulberry Pie' - Tesco - £1
Love this polish - everything about it - the colour, consistency, chip-resistence! (full review here)

Avon Colortrend Kajalstick - 'Black and Violet' - Avon (online/brochure) - Usually around 99p (price varies)
I featured the black and brown version of this is my January Favourites - can't get enough of these pencils - two colours in one, they last all day and are so handy to take out and about. I've been loving the purple to add some colour to the lower lashline and a black pencil eyeliner is always handy!

So, of course, i recommend all these products - and they're becoming or already are firm favourites of mine throughout the year not just march!  What are your march favourites?

p.s. get your body butters from quick while they are so cheap! you won't regret it!


  1. I have that body butter and it smells absolutely AMAZING! So so good! :)x

    1. it does, doesn't it! glad somebody agree's - sooo good! <3

  2. Very cute blog and Body shop mango body butter is very good, I have it too and smells very nice :) Come and follow my fashion blog too?? ;D

    1. aw thankyou, it is isn't it! it's delicious, stock up while they're so cheap! ooh ofcourse - i'll have a look <3

  3. Hi girls ... if you like rose of bulgaria cleansing milk you need to try their new perfume lilyrose ! it is so great !!! and the design is excellent i love it ... then i put the link in my name above kiss to all ... i love this brand also rose of bulgaria !

    1. ooh that sounds amazing, going to have a look into it! thanks hun, me too! <3


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