Sunday, 29 April 2012

Illamasqua Powdered Metal 'Ezrule'.

Illamasqua Powdered Metal in 'Ezrule' - available online/in store/counter - £22.50 

Packaging: Classic Illamasqua round tub with a black lid. Very sturdy and shiny with Illamasqua printed on the side and the logo on the top. Nothing special but it does look nice stood up on my dressing table. I don't reccomend travelling with this, like any loose powder it gets very messy and when you open it, it can go everywhere! I suggest storing this upright to avoid powder spilling out - that way you don't make a mess and don't waste product!

Colour: This is a dark, warm brown. A perfect bronzer colour on medium/olive skin tones (i am an NC42). I think this will be too dark on light skintones and end up looking muddy but, don't worry they do other shades! On dark skintones this may be suitable as a highlight on cheekbones? 
Overall this is a lovely colour to give a 'ethreal' glowy look to the skin and contour/bronze at the same time. The golden shimmer comes out great on camera and is only really noticeable when directly under artificial lighting. Noone has ever pointed out the shimmer and been like 'you have a glittery face' so i'm guessing it doesn't make me look like a disco ball (thank god) just gives my cheeks a sun-kissed glow!

Consistency: It's like any other loose powder really. Finely milled powder with lots of small particles of golden shimmer - not gritty or rough - goes onto the skin very smoothly and can easily be blended! I have no problem whatsoever with the formula!

Left - No flash                                               Right - Flash

Length of wear: This lasts a whole night out for me - from 8pm til 3.30am - not a problem. The pictures (below) we're took after a concert - so it definitely has staying powder.

If you're looking for a powder that will give you a gorgeous glow, you know like you see on them beach adverts? Then don't hesitate - try this out! They can be a bit daunting at first - noone wants to look like a disco ball but with a light hand, a fluffy brush and lots of blending the result is a gorgeous, ethreal, glow.

I honestly adore this for when i'm going out  - not for everyday use. 
I love it so much i want a lighter version to use as a highlight (not at the same time though obviously)!  As you can see on the pictures above it gives the nicest effect! I can't praise it enough.. 

Oh i did get this when Illamasqua had a sale, but it is worth the full price it will last ages!


  1. This looks lovely, great for summer. Thank you for following me. x

    1. it really is! i absolutely adore it :) no problem gorgeous <3


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