Sunday, 15 April 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick!

Now i know you've all probably seen about 10275 posts about this lipstick. But, after wearing it a few times and to be honest, falling completely in love with it, i thought i ought to dedicate a full post to Viva Glam Nicki! As a huuuuge fan of Nicki Minaj i'd been lusting after this for ages and when it finally came to buying it i will a little unsure - my lips were chapped and it just looked a neon pink mess - after a bit of persuading off my mum that it did in fact look good i'm so glad i bought this! And when you know all your money (minus VAT) is going to a worthwhile cause - MAC's Aid Fund - what's not love to love?

 The usual sleek, black bullet that accompany's all MAC lipsticks with red accents instead of the usual silver and Nicki Minaj's signature printed inside with is a really nice addition.

No flash                                                             With flash           
Colour: Described as a 'bright yellow pink' which is more than true! My first words when i tried this on was "woah thats bright!" This a statement shade - definitely not for the light-hearted! I don't think the pictures do this justice - as it really is a bright, neon pink! I think this will work best on lighter-medium skin tones - i am nc42 (mac) and this looks great with my tanned skin but i think it may look a little too stark on very dark skin tones unfortunately! But i'd always recommend you try this out before making any decisions as it look's different on everyone.

With flash
No flash
Consistency: This is a satin shade - which is like a semi-matte finish and is highly pigmented! And i mean highly pigmented and bright! So you may want to dab this on to the lips so it isn't so 'in your face' or i apply it straight from the bullet and and rub it in with my fingers which just takes a bit of the colour off so it's not sooo bright!   This applies easily - no tugging or pulling and lasts for a long time (around 4 hours). After a while though it did sink into the lines of my lips - but a good lipbalm can solve that!

Overall, this is a bright, neon pink lipstick that is definitely worth the pricetag! Just make sure you exfoliate and add lipbalm to your lips before applying and your good to go!


  1. I tagged you for 'The Blog Of Beauty Tag'.Check out my post for more details on it :)


    1. thankyou i've seen i look forward to answering the questions and passing it on soon! <33

  2. I REALLY want to get this lipstick! I can justify the price since it all goes towards charity, but I am having a friend of mine pick it up for me since he works at the Mall of America and they of course have a MAC counter there. I just can't pay $6 shipping on one lipstick. haha It looks great on you though!

    1. i recommend you should - it's so gorgeous! ooh true, that's the best idea! thanks hun <3

  3. I bought this lipstick too:):) It's so pretty I love it!! xxx

  4. Oooh this looks amazing on you! I just found and started following your blog :)

  5. This shade really suites you!

    Over on my blog I am having a give away, I would love for you to enter


  6. I love the autograph packaging and the colour looks amazing on you! x

  7. I got Nicki lipstick too and I just love the color so much! It's so vibrant and neon!!!! But this dupe it seems amazing!!!! ;)
    CHECK OUT the post on my BLOG about it!!!
    MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick


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