Friday, 27 April 2012

Neon Rose - Topshop Cream Blush

There has been a lot of buzz about Topshop's cream blush's from many bloggers - so i picked one up quite a while ago now and have tested it out more than enough, here's my opinion of it...

Packaging: I forgot the take a picture of the compact shut! But the packaging is a white, rubber material with black polka dots (very cute) but it does tend to get dirty very easily - so if you're a clean freak, beware! The compact is small, travel friendly and as you can see has a decent size mirror prefect for taking out. 

Consistency: This blusher is cream in the pan but dries as a powder on the cheeks! I didn't realise this til' reading blog reviews and so when i bought this i was expecting it to give me a nice glow and it didn't - it finishes pretty matte! Although this is definitely more natural looking than a powder blush.
At first, i'll be honest, i hated this (strong but true) and couldn't find a way to make it look flattering! With my fingers it was just too neon. The perfect way is too apply this with a stippling brush (for me anyway) - it blends easily and smoothly onto the skin - so play around with it. Oh, and i find this applies best over foundation and/or powder - not underneath it just seems to fade and disappear.

Colour: 'Neon Rose' by name, neon by nature! It's a bright, pink coral shade which adds a perfect pop of colour. If your a pink/coral blusher fan i highly recommend this but unfortunately it's not entirely flattering on my skin tone. By all means it is not unbearable, it just requires bronzer on my cheekbones to warm it up. So if your dark-skinned this is a probably a no go, but i can imagine this being very flattering on lighter skin tones! It can be worn as a light flush or built up to make a statement!

left cheek - blended                                                  right cheek - applied more heavily 
 Length of wear: This lasts a pretty long time on my oily skin - around 6/7 hours which i think is great! It can easily be topped up through the day which means it will obviously look brighter for longer! 

This blusher is available from Topshop in store (doesn't seem to be online) - it's £8 (not too bad price wise) - the shade i have is 'neon rose'.

Overall, would i recommend this? Yes for lighter skintones. Would i buy this again? Maybe, i do prefer creamier, dewy cream blushers but i may try this in a different shade - this shade isn't the most flattering for me!


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    1. the colour looks gorgeous on you x

  2. I have been wanting to try these Topshop blushers for a while now,they look so nice and I actually think I prefer cream blushers to powders so might give it a go :) Looks very pretty on you :)


    1. you definitely should try it out then! aw thanks i'm not too keen :D <3

  3. This looks like a great colour, I love rosey cheeks :D


    1. thankyou :) it's lovely for lighter skintones <3


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