Saturday, 5 May 2012

10 Ebay Blusher Palette!

Top Row!
Bottom Row!

10 Blushers - One Palette - £4.45 - From this ebay seller!

I seen this on Victoria's blog, but i'd had my eye on this for a long while i just weren't sure on the quality etc. So as soon as i seen Victoria's review i went straight on ebay and purchased this palette - now i'm more than glad i did! I have ordered from this seller before and have him on my 'Favourite Sellers' list so i trust he is reliable and recommend him to you all. Obviously because the shipping is from China it does take a while - i waited 3 weeks for this, but that is actually not too bad!

So onto the product; as you can see from the swatches above the blushes are highly pigmented, soft - possibly a bit too soft they do leave a bit of fallout in the pan - but i'm sure we can cope with that! When applied onto the face they blend really easily and one touch adds lots of colour! For less than 50p per blush you get a lot of product and good range of colours - shimmers and mattes (although they are mainly shimmery). I personally prefer shimmery blushers as i think they can be doubled as a cheek colour and highlight in one and add a lovely glow to the skin, so this palette is perfect for my tastes, but if you're not a fan of shimmer than this may not be for you! The shimmer is finely milled so you don't look like a glitter ball! As i said, all colours are highly pigmented and easy to blend! 

So i've been testing this palette out for a few days and i can't get enough of the shimmery, coral shades (so nice!). Also these blush's definitely stand the test of time and last a good 7 hours on my oily - and i mean oily - skin! So i don't think you will have a problem with touching up!

Here a picture of my wearing the very shimmery coral colour on the bottom row:

 Overall i would reccomend this to any blusher loves - or just anyone who is looking for a few new shades! This is great if you're a makeup artist and need blushers handy in one palette. I love this as you can use the shades individually or mix them up to create an individual shade! I think all these colours will suit any skintone depending on how they are used! 
I think the only thing that could be improved is putting names on the shades - but for 50p a shade you can't really complain ahaa! 

Expect to see me wearing this for many more posts to come.. if you wanna see any more face swatches let me know! 
And will i repurchase this? If i ever run out, then yes i probably will, it's great to have in your kit!


  1. I think these palettes are a really good idea,saves you a lot of money and stops you from going out and spending loads on blushers when you can just have 10 in one and doesn't take up as much space :)


    1. yeah,it really does! that's why i got it, i fancied some new blushers, so why not got 10 in 1 ;) <3

  2. These actually look really good, I've seen them on quite a few blogs over the past few months but was holding back because I was unsure of the quality. I might just bite the bullet and buy one, at £4.45 I won't be losing too much if I don't like it haha!

    Frances xx

    1. honestly you should! i doubt you'll be disappointed and i think you'll definitely get some use out of it - even if you don't love it! so go for it :) <3

  3. i bought a 120 eyeshadow palette from ebay, its amazing, may have to get this now!

    please check out my blog if you have the time!

    1. i have that also, its good! you should get this, it's great :D
      ofcourse darlin' <3


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