Friday, 25 May 2012

Battle of the moisturisers: Clinque vs Aldi!

I thought i'd share these two moisturisers - one 'high-end' and one bargain product! I thought doing reviews of them would be a bit boring so as i use these both daily i decided to put them up against eachother ;)

 Clinique's dramatically different moistursing gel is £29 for 125ml
 Lacura (Aldi's brand) multi-intensive serum is £3.49 for 50ml.
 So, is it really worth paying more? 


Clinque: This is a gel moisturiser - which is better for my oily skin than a cream. The gel is really lightweight and applies easily to the skin. One - one & a half pumps provides the right amount of moisture for my whole face and doesn't leave me feeling greasy atall. This is a great base for my makeup as it doesn't provide too much hydration so my makeup lasts longer! However this can take a lot of getting used to if you're used to thicker more moisturising creams sometimes i feel my skin needs that little bit more moisture. I'm not too keen on the smell of this aswell, although it's not detectable once absorbed into the skin.

Lacura: This a serum for all skin types, it's a cream consistency but is still very lightweight and not thick atall. I find inbetween a half and one pump (awkward i know) is more than enough to hydrate my entire face and again doesn't leave me feeling greasy. It provides long-lasting moisture however because it is slightly thicker than the Clinique one my skin gets slightly oilier through day but it's not a massive problem atall i can just use a little less. This cream smells gorgeous - it smells so fresh and 'clean' - i can't describe it but the smell is lovely believe me (once absorbed it is undetectable).
Left: Lacura Multi Intensive Serum                  Right: Clinique Moisturising Gel

Overall these are both so similar - both hydrating yet not too hydrating for my oily skin, both light and absorb into the skin quickly. The main difference is the price tag and the smell - both of these the Lacura serum wins hands down!  At the moment i used the Clinique in a morning before my makeup and the Lacura one applied more liberally as a more intense night time treat.

The Clinque gel is probably better if you have oily skin like me, but i don't think it is dramatically better! I don't think i will be repurchasing the Clinique moisturising gel unless i have a spare £30 as i think there are cheaper moisturisers - like the Lacura serum - that do virtually the same thing!

So, if you're oily skinned both these do the trick i would recommend them both but obviously the Lacura serum is far more purse friendly and suitable for all skintypes whether you have dry or oily skin i think it'd be great :)

Hope this has been slightly more interesting than a straight review, or maybe not haha!

So, how much are you willing to spend on moisturiser? Are you prepared to splash the cash or do you look for cheaper alternatives?


  1. I think it is as well important to look at what ingredients are in the two moisturizers.

    Is it similar?

    I love my Clinique moisturizer and I am too afraid to change!

  2. I'm currently using Clinique, but next time I'm in Aldi I will
    Definately be taking a closer look at their beauty section! Xx
    Great blog am now following!

    1. you really should it's great! in my mums words: 'my face feels so smooth like a babies bottom, but i don't feel like i have anything on it' it's a brilliant alternative :D <3

  3. I really loved this review, I know the Clinique is expensive but if I see a good review on it like yours then I'd be tempted and probably will buy it. I think I am going to purchase the Lacura one first though. :D


    1. aw thankyou! it is expensive and almost worth the price ;) i will probably pick it up some other time but yeah the lacura is good for now, it's really cheap but good - even my mum loves it! <3


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