Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Garnier BB Cream

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - is the UK's answer to the much loved Asian BB creams. Many brands in the UK have released their own version now - and this is the only one i have ever picked up! It promises to be light, blur imperfections, smooth lines, make skin look luminous and even, hydrate - and can be used alone or as a primer and even provide SPF15 UV protection!  

My honest thoughts?
Personally, as an oily skinned gal, i am not a fan. atall.  I really wanted to like this for light coverage on those days when you don't want to be 'caked' in makeup! Honestly, for the first few hours this is perfect it gives a light, dewy coverage and makes you look naturally flawless. But after a while i soon looked like an oily mess, my once blurred imperfections were then fully on show for all to see and my flawless face was, not so flawless. Now i think this would work perfectly on dry/normal skin - it would last a lot long and give a healthy glow. But for us with oily skin - unfortunately i think we're going to have to stick with our long-lasting foundations and powders and find another way to achieve a flawless 'glow as this just fades. I am so sad because if it lasted that few hours longer - it would be amazing. I found it lasted about 4 hours before it had completely vanished from my t-zone/cheeks. 

Left:Start of the day (8.30)     Right:End of the day (3.30)       [with top ups and powders throughout]
you can see the glow and how it covers my burn!
 Overall, it nots a terrible product - if you have normal/dry skin or even combination i think this could really work for you - but the i don't think it works well with oily skin atall. I think i will just use this on those days when i'm only nipping out for an hour or so and want a light/healthy glow. The coverage is pretty good actually and it feels light on the skin. 
My only real faults are the length of wear and the colour choice - light or medium. I have medium and matches well with my skin (nc42) i find it does 'work' with your skin to create a nice colour! But if your darker than me i'm not sure you can use this, it would be far too pale.

So Garnier - if this was longer lasting and there was a few more shades then i think you would have a 'miracle' product ;)
If any of you have tried it, what do you think?

Oh and you can pick this up from boots or superdrug for £7.50! not too bad considering you get 50ml of product..


  1. To be honest I actually haven't heard one good review about this BB Cream.My friend bought it in 'light' and she is super pale and not only did it not last and look streaky the colour was orange on her so that was a complete waste of money.Never tried BB Creams before and I am noticing a lot of brands bringing them out,I purchased the MUA one so will be trying that soon :)


  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.


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