Friday, 4 May 2012

Nails of the Day - Nicki Minaj OPI.

Since Monday i've gone through four different nail colours so far! I have a habit of picking it off when i'm bored - i need to stop! 

This shade 'Fly' is a bright, blue with s green undertones - so it is a really pretty turquoise that definitely stands out! I love the colour so much, it is amazing reminds of the sea/holidays...

The photo's haven't picked up the green undertones atall. But you can see how bright it is!
The Nicki Minaj (mini set) nail polishes are my first encounter with OPI. Is is persuading me to buy full size bottles? No not atall. 
I painted my nails in the evening and the next day they chipped, that's so disappointing for such a raved about and pretty expensive brand. I have honestly used £1 nail polishes that are better than this! And i much prefer Barry M nail polishes for half the price!

Am i the only one that thinks OPI doesn't live up to it's expectations?

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  1. This is a really pretty shade, I love some of my opi shade's but I think i'll always be a Barry M girl! xx

    1. it is! same here, OPI just isn't cutting it (n) <3


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