Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sleek Lipstick - 'Coral Reef'

Say hello to my first ever Sleek product. Yes that's right, first ever. I've heard so many good things about Sleek but i've never really wanted any of their products enough (until now) and my money has always gone on other brands first.

After seeing this post on Ayesha's blog (Miss Tinks Beauty) the Sleek lipstick 'Candy Cane' was added to my wish-list - come on, it looks amazing! But upon swatching 'Candy Cane' it just didn't suit me, no matter how much i wanted it too! But i didn't give up and i found this colour - 'Coral Reef' - that is just as bright and colourful but suits me much more!


So, 'Coral Reef' is a bright neon fuchsia pink with a definite coral undertone. It's a statement shade in just one coat but i still find it very wearable. If you're not a bright colour lover i suppose you could apply a few dots on the lips and blend for a light stain but it looks far more gorgeous applied straight from the tube. This is the perfect spring/summer colour as it really brightens up your look easily. It looks great with simple, minimal makeup and adds that little something to 'jazz' up your look.

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I am so pleased with this lipstick. It's a 'sheen' formula which probably explains why it's not drying, doesn't enhance cracked lips and applies with such ease. The colour lasts the average sort of lipstick time - 3 hours-ish? Before fading to a nice stain anyway.


For £4.00 you cannot complain - i honestly didn't realise sleek lipsticks were this good (or cheap) or i would of got one earlier! So thankyou Ayesha or i may have never got this lipstick or any Sleek lipstick for that matter :O
I'm definitely intrigued to try a few more shades so if you can recommend any that'd be great?! Also if you've tried any Sleek lipsticks - what do you think? 

Oh also, the packaging is so small and cute, like it's really tiny. 
And i also have two more sleek products on the way in the post which i'm excited about - becoming a sleek addict?..


  1. I love Sleek makeup! I've only gotten one lipstick before, but I've got quite a few of their eyeshadows.
    The lipstick you have looks gorgeous on you!

    Xx.Emma - hellandmilk.blogspot.com

  2. Ooh this looks like a gorgeous shade, it suits you so well! I haven't really looked in to Sleek lipsticks much yet!

    Frances xx


  3. Love the colour on you! it suits your skin tone a LOT, love it :) xxx

  4. That shade looks gorgeous on you xx


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