Sunday, 29 July 2012

Essie NOTD: Ombre!

Hello! I decided to try something new nail wise recently. I originally wanted to do coloured tips but that proved too hard for me without proper nail art brushes. So i tried some ombre nails instead and here is how they turned out.. 



What you need is:

  • Your nail polishes of choice. I used these three here. They should preferably be all be the same/similar colour just different shades.
  • An old/unused makeup brush or nail art brushes. 
  • Nail polish remover, cotton buds and some tissue for cleaning mess up. 
  • Top coat of choice to finish

I started off my painting my whole nail one coat of the lightest colour. It's a very natural 'nail' colour.
I then put some of the darkest colour on the makeup brush and patted onto the tip of my nail and a little bit down.

Next, i cleaned the brush with some nail polish remover and wiped on a piece of tissue. 
Then, applied some of the medium colour (bright pink) just where the dark colour ends and a little bit down until you are happy with how far the colour comes down the nail. 
Last but not least, i got the lightest colour (which i painted my whole nail with) onto the clean makeup brush and patted it on where the pink ends to make sure it blends in. And set it all with a topcoat to make it all look smooth. 

This was my first attempt at ombre nails and did take me a long time but i really like how it looks. Definitely going to try it with different colours. It's also very easy to repair if the tips chip - you just apply some of the darkest colour at the top where the chips are and tahdaah, back to normal! 

Anyway, hope you like it! Let me know if you've tried it. 

What do you think? Hot or not?.. 


  1. Replies
    1. me too - it looks really cool ;) xox

  2. Beautiful!! I wish I had the skills for this ! Do my nails? xx

    1. you do - try it! i never thought i could do it :P okay ;) xox

  3. I really like this effect and have seen some lovely posts on it. Your colours work really well. I need to have a go at this before the summer is over

    1. thankyou they do don't they! try it - it's pretty easy :D xx


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