Sunday, 8 July 2012

Outfit: By Vanese (Guest Post).

Today i have a guest post from the lovely Vanese as i'm currently on the train to LONDON (woohoo)! I am a huge follower of Vanese's blog and speak to her a lot on twitter - she is such a nice girl and i did a guest post on her blog a little while back (here). I'm so glad she decided to return the favour! So, here it is..

Hey you lovely lot,

I'm really delighted that Nadia asked me to do a takeover post for her while she's away in London. I'm Vanese, I'm 17 and run a blog called Vanzthemachinee. My blog consists of posts from fashion, beauty & lifestyle. My blog is filled with a mix of posts so if that's your type of thing then get following. ;) *Wow, I'm plugging myself while doing a guest post. Badass.* 
I'm a Media Studies student in my first year of sixth form. I'm lucky because my school specialises in performing arts so we've always got singers and special events on. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to be able to attend my schools fashion show that they hold every year to show off the amazing work done by Year 11, Year 12 & 13 fashion students. A lot of my friends were involved in the show so I was seriously so excited to not just watch it but see the breathtaking work my friends have been apart of in creating. 

Clearly this wasn't London, Paris or New York fashion week but I felt that I still needed to dress to impress. ;) Definitely a little awkward when people started turning up in jeans and a t-shirt but you can never be too over dressed, right? ;) I had such a lovely evening enjoying the show with my twin sister Ally ( and one of my closest friends Katia. As you can see in the pictures I wore a coral dress, leggings, a blue cardigan and Chelsea boots. I felt so comfortable and surprisingly very confident in my outfit.  
  Coral Dress - Store 21 £5.99
Blue Cardigan - Primark £10.00
Leggings - Primark £3.99
 Chelsea Boots - Fashion Union £25.00

The dress was seriously such a bargain. Also, the fact that the belt just goes so perfectly with it is great. The detail on the back of the dress has to be my favourite part of it. I know it isn't that big but going out with my back showing like that is quite a big step for me so whenever I do build up my confidence I'll stop hiding the back of it over cardigans and jackets. If you've seen any of my posts on my blog you'll see that I over wear these boots way too much,  but to be honest I love them too much to even care. I got the blue cardigan from Primark a few months back and it seriously has been so warm and comfortable to wear out. I'm actually quite surprised that this was a comfortable and warm outfit because the weather has just been awful. Where's the sun gone? :( 

        I hope you've enjoyed this post and thank you again to the lovely Nadia for letting me do a post on her awesome blog. :D


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