Friday, 3 August 2012

Barry M NOTD: Sprinkles & Ice-cream!

Every so often i get hooked on one nail combination that i wear for days weeks on end! And this is my most recent favourite.. 

I remember absolutely loving Barry M's nail polish in 'Strawberry Icecream' years ago and wearing it constantly - it was my go-to baby pink. In the end the formula went all gloopy and i had to throw it away but, i never got round to buying a new one. So the other day when me and my mum saw the Barry M glitter polish 'Pink Iridescent' (and fell in love) we decided to get both as they had a deal on in Superdrug - 2 nail paints for £5. 



As you can see, it's the most beautiful combination! Perfect for you girlie-girls ;) I love wearing this combo - they look so cute, aren't too bright or in your face and brighten up those cloudy days. Definitely going to be my go-to holiday combination (planning ahead!) 

The pink polish takes two thin coats for a nice, even, opaque coverage but if you're a rush one thicker coat will do! I just used one coat of the glitter polish as a top coat, it's slightly gritty but only a tiny little bit so it's not too bad! And there's no need for topcoat, it lasts a good 4 days with only minor tip wear (pretty good for the price).

Overall, i really love this little combo - as you can already probably tell. And as always, i'm really impressed with Barry M's lasting power. Cheap is sometimes best. 

What do you think of the Barry M nail paints? And what colours do i need next? ;)


  1. Love this combination! It's like fairies and mermaids! :) xx

  2. This is such a cute combination!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. i really like this combination, looks so cute. x

  4. These both look so great together. Barry M always do the best polishes. There's a teal colour it's a new one and I really need to get round to purchasing it but you totally need to get it. :D


  5. I agree quite often cheaper is often better - esp with Barry M polish. These make a great pairing. I am a sucker for a pink polish. I need to pick up the Strawberry Ice Cream to go with my recent purchase of Pink iridescent.


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