Monday, 20 August 2012

Makeup Monday: My boyfriend does my makeup!!

Hello! I have a different type of post today - a tag post. It's the 'My boyfriend does my makeup' tag which, i'm sure you all know about. It's just basically where your other half does your makeup without any of your help. It's just him and your cosmetics (beware!!).  

I've been wanting Mark to do my makeup for a long time, thinking he should be pretty well up on the knowledge after putting up with me and my chattering for over two years! 

What i did was give Mark basically a huge box full of makeup with different foundations, a large selection of blusher/bronzer/highlighter etc. I did not make it easy in the slightest! I also gave him my eyeshadow palettes and all my brushes so he could whatever he wanted. I didn't help him atall (i promise). It was a funny experience watching him trying to figure out what things we're and his little concentration face when he was putting it on. 


Who wants to see the final result? *Drum Roll please......*


All in all i don't think it's too bad! I was quite surprised when i looked in the mirror. His eyeshadow and bronzer skills aren't the best in the world and we had a bit of a disaster with the mascara but apart from that he did a darn good job!!  

Products used: MAC Match Master Foundation, Nars 'Casino' Bronzer, Illamasqua Cream Blusher in 'Seduce', Avon SuperShock Mascara, MAC 'Brown Down' eyeshadow, Mac 'Twig' Lipstick. 

So what do you think? Safe to say he's listened to me drone on about makeup for two years?! 


  1. Haha he actually did well :) xxx.

  2. Wow he's actually done pretty good! This is such a great idea, I love it although I don't think I'll be getting my boyfriend to do it anytime soon! XxxX

  3. He did pretty good! I asked my boyfriend if he'd do this with me and he refused :( x

  4. hahahahaha qw this is so cool!
    well he is not that bad ;)


  5. best "boyfriend does my makeup" I've ever seen, usually they give up and draw things all over your face! I'm impressed! xx

  6. hahaha, I'm pretty sure this is the best tag EVER. Thankfully, I don't have a boyfriend, so I can't let him go and ruin my collection ;) Your did a pretty darn good job though xx

  7. Haha!! This post is fab!! I may have to do it myself!! Your boyfriend didn't do toooo badly!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  8. if i let my other half do my make up he would not take it seriously, for him it would be a test to see how daft he can make me look lol :) x

    xtiffyxx - reviews, opinions & life

  9. Ha, he actually did ok!



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