Wednesday, 29 August 2012

NYX Lip Liners - 'Natural' & 'Sand Pink'.

Today i have two lip liners to share with you. NYX Slim Lip Pencils! I got mine from Beauty Joint (here) and they convert from 2.99 dollars to £1.88 each. They do a large array of colours so you're definitely spoilt for choice! I went for two shades: a natural one, so i can wear it under any lipstick and a pink one as i mainly wear pink lipsticks.


Left - Sand Pink      Right - Natural

There's not much to say about the packaging they are small, slim and sleek so no hassle to carry around or store. They're like any other lip liner, in a pencil form. They require sharpening but, i haven't had to do that yet as they seem to last really long anyway. The liners aren't soft and creamy but neither are they harsh or hard to draw with. They have a nice firm texture to ensure the lipstick can grip to them and make it last longer. They are really long lasting (all day!). I think for the price they are a seriously amazing and will save you a lot of money.

'Natural' is as the name says - natural. It really is a 'lip colour'. A mix of brown and pink so it's not even detectable on the lips. I think this will suit most people lips and blend in really well. It's suitable under any lipstick and helps to prolong the wear. I love it, so versatile!

'Sand Pink' is the brighter of the two shades and a lot more obvious than the natural shade. This as you can see is a bright, mid-toned pink - it's not too light or too deep. This can be used under a pink lipstick to help prolong the wear and maybe make it look a little brighter. Or you could also colour in your whole lips and apply a nude lipstick over to give it a tint of pink. Colourful lip liners, like this, are a good way to change the look of a lipstick you already own!

I really like both these lipliners - they are the only two i own but all i really need at the moment. I do plan to add a few more to my collection at some point but i don't feel the need to try a different brand when these are so good and so cheap!

Do you use lipliners often? If so, what's your favourite brand

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