Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NYX Cream Eyeshadows - Pinky Beige & Chestnut!


Some more Pro Beauty purchases! The NYX stall was just heaven, everything was discounted and there was looots to choose from. One things i didn't plan on buying, but couldn't resist, was these two Cream Eye Shadows. 

Artificial lighting -  Pinky Beige (left) & Chestnut (right).
Sun light - Pinky Beige (left) & Chestnut (right).

I did a full FOTD using Pinky Beige here! It looks so gorgeous on the eye with a pinky/gold eyeshadow on top. Perfect for brightening and opening the eyes up and adding some colour! It's fairly easy to use, simple use the doe-foot applicator in the tube to put it on the eye. Or you can use a synthetic brush to apply it to the lid and blend it out. So gorgeous and cute. Would also look lovely as a highlighter. 

Chestnut i used for the first time the other day after watching one of Tanya Burr's tutorial. She used a dusky, maroon paint pot on Millie Mackintosh and did an amazing smokey eye. I thought this sounded pretty similar so of course i had to give it ago! It's such a gorgeous maroon (i love maroon!) and translates so lovely on the lid. It's so good for adding a bit of colour to a smokey eye simply add a dark brown or black to the outer crease. 

Both are very pigmented and last all day long without creasing especially when worn with an eyeshadow on top. Both are simple to use, quick to put on and are opaque in one layer. 

Available from the NYX website here for £5. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bargain of the Week: Technic - Carnival!

Another beauty blogger must have and another purchase/bargain of the week here!


We all love a good dupe. Who wouldn't want something that looks the same but costs less? I know i do! I've been wanting to get my hands of Technic's 'Carnival' for absolutely yonks and after seeing a full shelf (yes a full shelf!) of them i could not resist picking one up. At 99p it'd be rude not too. 

It's such a gorgeous mix of multi-coloured glitter that sparkle in the light! It looks fab on an accent nail. Sometimes we need a little bit of glitter. And it isn't gritty or lumpy atall.

So keep checking your local Bodycare for a glitzy, little bargain!

Have you tried this nail polish? What do you think?

Monday, 22 October 2012

Makeup Monday: Rose Gold!

Hello everyone! I haven't done a makeup monday post for a while - not too sure why! But i want to get back on track. I shared my Pro Beauty haul the other day and have been loving playing round with a few of the bits i bought. Especially the NYX eye products! 

So i decided to use the NYX Cream Shadow in Pinky Beige on my eyes. It's such a gorgeous baby pink basically with lots shimmer going through it giving such a bright, wide-eyed effect. Sometimes i love to be a little (or a lot) girly so this is perfect because it looks so cute! 



I used the NYX 'Pinky Beige' Cream Eyeshadow on my eyes then set it with MAC's 'Expensive Pink' Eyeshadow which is a lovely light pink with a duo-chrome gold effect! It looks different in different lighting :) The cream shadow also looks great with Sleeks 'Rose Gold' Blusher on top which has even more gold through it! 

On my face i simple put Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation on my 'problem area's (nose, under eyes, chin) then buffed Laura Mercier's Mineral Foundation all over my face so a flawless but natural finish! And bronzed with MUA's Bronzed Perfection Bronzer and used Sleeks 'Rose Gold' Blusher on my cheeks as it doubles up as a highlighter too.

On the lips i stuck with the pink theme ;) And used Revlon 'Berry Smoothie' Lip Butter - love, love, love this product as adds a pop of colour whilst adding a little bit of moisture to the lips! 

Absolutely loving this eye combination recently. If i'm feeling slightly more dramatic i'll add a dark brown or black into the outer corner for some definition. 

What do you think? Rose gold on the eyes - yay or nay?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pro Beauty North Haul!

Hello all! So on Monday i attended the Pro Beauty North event at Manchester Central. It was basically a huge beauty exhibition for beauty workers, students or those with interests (like us bloggers). If you don't already know, i'm also doing an evening course in makeup - so, i'm not officially a student ;) 
Anyhow, i thought it'd be great to get some new things for kit, have a little look around and take advantage of the discounts. NYX and Essie guys!! 

Here is everything i bought, most things for myself, oops! 




So that's everything! I love the Essie nail varnish it's so lovely, so is the dark navy blue from La Colors! Absolutely loving the NYX eye products too - so glad to finally get my hands on the jumbo pencils! Aah, wish they held one every week ;) 

Did you go to Pro Beauty? Did you enjoy it?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bargain Purchase of the Week: Studded Clutch!

Hello all! We all love a good bargain, there's nothing better than the thought of saved money to spend on something else ;)  I've been lusting after this studded clutch for absolutely ages - months! After seeing on other blogs this black clutch with gold studs was available in Primark i searched high and low for it everytime i went in. Unfortunately i had absolutely no luck in any of my local Primarks for months. Until i went in on Monday! The other day i read in a magazine Primark get it's new stock on Mondays and it must be true! There was a shelf full of these beautiful clutches and of course i ran straight to the cashpoint! 


Aaah, i'm sure you've all seen this beauty before as i know most fashion bloggers were after one too! It's such a bargain at £6 compared to like £25 in Zara and Topshop! And it's so lovely, i can't wait to use it for every occasion possible.

So, moral of the story - get to Primark on a monday afternoon and hopefully find yourself a bargain!! 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Clothing Haul!

Haul?! What? Yessss, i recently made a little clothing purchase from Tesco online to be picked up in store and also picked up a few things in Primark that i thought i'd share with you guys! It's not lots but i feel like i got some good winter essentials that are very versatile. But be warned, most of it is black or grey. What can i say, the more flattering the better ;) 

Brightest top of them all! Tesco - £5
Simple grey top! Been wanting one to shove on with jeans, shorts etc for ages. So versatile! Tesco - £12

Leather panel leggins! Perfect for my evening makeup course (have to wear all black) & lazy college days! Primark.
Primark Men's hoody! To keep me warm through winter and shove on when i'm feeling lazy (majority of the time). Plus at £12 it's much cheaper than the Topshop/Topman alternatives.

Jeans from Primark! These are so stretchy and remind me of my trusty Topshop Leigh jeans! They are much lighter in real life and are soo comfy. 
Hard to see on the picture. But it's simple a 'tank' top which is short at the front and really long at the back. This will be great for my makeup course with jeans or leggins and was so affordable - £4!! Primark of course.
Another amazing bargain find from Primark! Casual grey tee from the front with a sexy lace back. Love this soo much :) £5 of beautifulness. 

There you have it - my recently clothing purchases! Hope you all like :)

Have you bought anything new recently? Any clothing items your lusting after?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Add a pop of colour: Bright eyeliner!

Hello! Making different coloured eyeliner (particularly purple) is something i've loved doing for years. It's so nice to do something a little different with your makeup every once in a while and if you're a little scared of colour this is a great way of adding a pop of colour without feeling like a clown. 

You can use any colour you like really but i obviously suggest choosing one that will suit your skin/eye colour - maybe bright yellow isn't the best choice for a daytime look! You can go for blue, bronze, green, purple - entirely up to you, whatever you have.

All you need: Pigment or eyeshadow of choice, MAC Fix+ or Illamasqua Sealing Gel and an eyeliner brush! 
(I'm using a pigment and MAC Fix+)

First put a bit of your fix+ or sealant onto a flat clean surface and put some of your pigment next to it. If your using an eyeshadow either put some fallout on the surface or just use it in the pan!

Then simply dip your brush into the fix+ and mix it in with a little bit of the pigment. Make a little paste on your palette - don't make it too watery! And make sure the brush is coated!
(If you're using an eyeshadow in the pan just dip your brush in the fix+ and then put some eyeshadow on the brush as usual)


Then an you usually would, draw on your eyeliner. Start at the inner tear duct, as close to the lash line as you can, then draw straight along the lash line until you reach the end of your eyelid. Then simply join where the line has ended to the lower lashline for a little wing. 


And there you have it! Colourful eyeliner that adds a pop of colour to your look without being too in your face. Such a subtle but fun way to add colour :) 

What do you think? Are you going to try it out? Do you already do it?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Beauty Wish-list!


Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - sounds amazing for the daytime! definitely the next foundation i'll be buying. 
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer - this also looking lovely and you can't get the foundation without the matching concealer, right? ;)
MAC 'Deeply Adored' lipstick from the Marilyn Monroe collection - perfect deep red for autumn. plus i need at least one thing from this collection! 
MAC 'Jungle Camouflage' from the Carine Roitfeld collection -  perfect combination of colours and makeup in one palette. So travel friendly. 
Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub -  Apparently a god send for oily skin prone to breakouts. I really want to try this, love a good face scrub! 
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - i love the finish of these nail polishes, this blue colour looks so gorgeous and it's such a bargain too! 

What beauty items are you lusting over this October?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Everyday On-the-go Essentials!

Hello! You know how it is, those days when you're out all day with a huge, full (and heavy) bag with barely anytime to relax. Or is that just me? I always seem to try and pack everything into bag just in case. You can never be too prepared! Like today, i was so organised and took an umbrella with me for it to be hot and sunny -.- I was not happy. The only time i take a brolly out!

So yeah, today i thought i'd show you my everyday beauty essentials so you still have everything you need to keep yourself looking beautiful but it won't take up loads of space in your bag!


Bobby pins, slides, clips, whatever you call them are so handy to keep with you! You can get them from any supermarket or drugstore for so cheap (mine are from b&m) and they're great for getting hair away from your face, clipping hair back and taming stray pieces. And obviously a bobble incase of a hair nightmare a.k.a. wind and rain! 

Mac blot powder! For me this a total must as i have oily skin, it just gets rid of shine so easily and keeps it at bay for a little longer (my little miractle product). And i just think powders are great for everyone to keep foundation lasting all day long and touching up throughout the day. So any you like will do. I love this especially because it has a mirror, so no need for an extra mirror! My little kabuki brush from Bourjois comes in so handy as it's so little and fits in the pocket in y
our bag, perfect for applying the powder or blending in foundation/concealer and sometimes buffing in bronzer if needs be. It's so cute too and really dense. 

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is for me just a smaller, easier way of carrying foundation. I use this to top up any area's where foundation may have come off to keep me looking fresh. 

LIPSTICK! Now i know all you bbloggers are with me on this one. I normally have a few with me to be honest but Revlon lip butters are ones i like to definitely have on me. So nourishing and moistursing yet add colour at the same time. 

Last but not least, moisturiser. Is something i like to keep on hand for dry hands, legs, any little area's on the face. Flakey skin isn't something i like. So something like Nivea is good as you can use it everywhere! 

What are your everyday essentials you keep in your bag? Anything i missed out?

Monday, 1 October 2012

MUA Heaven & Earth Palette!

After trying out MUA's amazing Undressed palette not long ago, and falling in love, i thought i'd add another neutral palette to my collection also by MUA. I'm sure you've probably heard of the Heaven & Earth Palette which is a 12 shade eyeshadow palette costing just £4. Bargain.


As you can see the palette has every neutral colour you will need, a mix of lights, darks, cools and warms.  My only criticism is the palette is mostly shimmery shades, so if your more of a matte lover i wouldn't recommend this palette. But if you like a little bit of glitter like me, then you will love this. 

You can use these shadows to create a subtle day look or really build them up (or use them wet) for an intense night time smokey eye. I love the dark browns smudged along the lower lashline. 

All the eyeshadows are very pigmented, soft to touch and blend really easily. Just as good as some higher end alternatives. You can't fault this handy, all in one palette. Great for on the go! And as for lasting power, with a primer (i haven't tired them without) last all day long. 

Shade 1 - 6
Shade 7 - 12

All in all, i love this product. And teamed with my Undressed palette i have a whole collection of every neutral eyeshadow i will ever need, ever, for only £8. I love this when i'm need of a quick smokey eye as all the shades go together. It would definitely be perfect if it had shades names, oh MUA! But, i can put up with that minor fault for a good quality, cheap palette! 

You can get it online from the MUA website or from Superdrugs that stock MUA.

Have you tried this product? Do you love it as much as i do?