Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bargain Purchase of the Week: Studded Clutch!

Hello all! We all love a good bargain, there's nothing better than the thought of saved money to spend on something else ;)  I've been lusting after this studded clutch for absolutely ages - months! After seeing on other blogs this black clutch with gold studs was available in Primark i searched high and low for it everytime i went in. Unfortunately i had absolutely no luck in any of my local Primarks for months. Until i went in on Monday! The other day i read in a magazine Primark get it's new stock on Mondays and it must be true! There was a shelf full of these beautiful clutches and of course i ran straight to the cashpoint! 


Aaah, i'm sure you've all seen this beauty before as i know most fashion bloggers were after one too! It's such a bargain at £6 compared to like £25 in Zara and Topshop! And it's so lovely, i can't wait to use it for every occasion possible.

So, moral of the story - get to Primark on a monday afternoon and hopefully find yourself a bargain!! 


  1. Oooh £6? I need o track this down! x

  2. Loving the studded clutch and at such a good price!

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