Friday, 12 October 2012

Clothing Haul!

Haul?! What? Yessss, i recently made a little clothing purchase from Tesco online to be picked up in store and also picked up a few things in Primark that i thought i'd share with you guys! It's not lots but i feel like i got some good winter essentials that are very versatile. But be warned, most of it is black or grey. What can i say, the more flattering the better ;) 

Brightest top of them all! Tesco - £5
Simple grey top! Been wanting one to shove on with jeans, shorts etc for ages. So versatile! Tesco - £12

Leather panel leggins! Perfect for my evening makeup course (have to wear all black) & lazy college days! Primark.
Primark Men's hoody! To keep me warm through winter and shove on when i'm feeling lazy (majority of the time). Plus at £12 it's much cheaper than the Topshop/Topman alternatives.

Jeans from Primark! These are so stretchy and remind me of my trusty Topshop Leigh jeans! They are much lighter in real life and are soo comfy. 
Hard to see on the picture. But it's simple a 'tank' top which is short at the front and really long at the back. This will be great for my makeup course with jeans or leggins and was so affordable - £4!! Primark of course.
Another amazing bargain find from Primark! Casual grey tee from the front with a sexy lace back. Love this soo much :) £5 of beautifulness. 

There you have it - my recently clothing purchases! Hope you all like :)

Have you bought anything new recently? Any clothing items your lusting after?

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  1. looks like you got some great things! I love the 1st top and the hoody looks really comfy x


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