Thursday, 4 October 2012

My Everyday On-the-go Essentials!

Hello! You know how it is, those days when you're out all day with a huge, full (and heavy) bag with barely anytime to relax. Or is that just me? I always seem to try and pack everything into bag just in case. You can never be too prepared! Like today, i was so organised and took an umbrella with me for it to be hot and sunny -.- I was not happy. The only time i take a brolly out!

So yeah, today i thought i'd show you my everyday beauty essentials so you still have everything you need to keep yourself looking beautiful but it won't take up loads of space in your bag!


Bobby pins, slides, clips, whatever you call them are so handy to keep with you! You can get them from any supermarket or drugstore for so cheap (mine are from b&m) and they're great for getting hair away from your face, clipping hair back and taming stray pieces. And obviously a bobble incase of a hair nightmare a.k.a. wind and rain! 

Mac blot powder! For me this a total must as i have oily skin, it just gets rid of shine so easily and keeps it at bay for a little longer (my little miractle product). And i just think powders are great for everyone to keep foundation lasting all day long and touching up throughout the day. So any you like will do. I love this especially because it has a mirror, so no need for an extra mirror! My little kabuki brush from Bourjois comes in so handy as it's so little and fits in the pocket in y
our bag, perfect for applying the powder or blending in foundation/concealer and sometimes buffing in bronzer if needs be. It's so cute too and really dense. 

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is for me just a smaller, easier way of carrying foundation. I use this to top up any area's where foundation may have come off to keep me looking fresh. 

LIPSTICK! Now i know all you bbloggers are with me on this one. I normally have a few with me to be honest but Revlon lip butters are ones i like to definitely have on me. So nourishing and moistursing yet add colour at the same time. 

Last but not least, moisturiser. Is something i like to keep on hand for dry hands, legs, any little area's on the face. Flakey skin isn't something i like. So something like Nivea is good as you can use it everywhere! 

What are your everyday essentials you keep in your bag? Anything i missed out?


  1. Nivea pure and natural is amazing. I love the hand cream. xo


  2. I take so manu bobby pins with me - I have them in every pocket & handbag. I am also a oily mess at the moment & can't leave the house without my powder.

  3. Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is the shizz, I love that stuff! Love your blog btw, following you now. Would mean a lot if you checked out my blog and let me know what you think! xx


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