Tuesday, 28 February 2012

11 questions tag! Get to know me a bit more..

I was tagged by the lovely elefont at http://elefont-at.blogspot.com (check her blog out!)

The Rules For the 11 Questions Tag:
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set you in their post & create
  11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- You have to choose 11 people to tag & link them on the post.
- Go to their page & tell them you have link him or her.
- No tag backs.
- No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you
  are reading this'. You legitametely have to tag 11 people.

11 Things About Me: 
1. I am allergic to hair dye :'( boohoo.
2. I am scared of the dark. Still. 
3. I love white technology: white phone, white ipod, white tele... you get my drift.
4. I enjoy the scent of 'cinnamon and apple'
5. I adore owls - they're are so cute. 
6.  I really like caramel latte's. 
7.  And tea. Cuppa tea's are my favourite drink - 5+ a day!
8. I have a wide range of taste in music from Nicki Minaj to Arctic Monkeys.
9. I LOVE MAKEUP! although sometimes i wish i wasn't so into it..
10. I am quite 'stingy' or 'tight' with my money - i like to make the most out of my pennies!
11. I'm a real 'home girl': jama's, tele and food! But i do like my 'wild' nights with the right people :)

The questions elefont set for me:
1. Would you rather have Messy Hair or No Make-Up? 

Messy hair! I feel much more confident with makeup on so messy hair wouldn't bother me. I'd make it work :')
2. Movies and Dinner or Night On The Town? 
Depends on my mood - 7 times out of 10 it'd be a night in, pyjama's and takeaway, but sometimes your just in that party mood! 
3. What's your most worn item? 
Probably black leggins (a staple in most peoples wardrobe) or my parka coat! I live in that coat - rain, wind and snow - it is my saviour! Honestly i can't stop wearing it.
 4. What's your favourite meal? 
Mexican - Nacho's with cheese, mild salsa and sweet chilli sauce. Then chicken enchilada's and wedges. Then chocolate brownies! Yum yum, delicious!
5. Do you prefer Lipstick or Lipgloss? 
Lipstick all the way! Never used to wear lippie until a few months ago, now i'm definitely obsessed with the stuff! My collection has started.. 
6. What are your opinions on the online Beauty Community? 
So far, everyone has been extremely supportive and nice to me which i'm so pleased about. But, there are definitely haters, especially on Youtube, i think it's mainly due to jealously and general pettiness. Overall i think the majority of the beauty community are so supportive and kind!
7. What's your most amount you've spent on a piece of make-up?
About £30-ish. Not too much. I can't justify spending too much on something that will run out soon enough.
8. Are you a Flat's type of girl or Heels? 
FLATS! It's all about the comfort. Although i think heels look so much better and if my feet didn't kill wearing them then i would, all the time!
9. The one thing you would change about yourself? (If anything)
There's a few things to be honest, as there is with anyone. Everyone has things they would like to change. There is not one single thing i would change really, why bother, noone will ever be perfect!
10. Describe your dress sense? 
Anything that i like really. I like my wardrobe to have a mix of blacks and dark pieces along with the white and neutral so i can mix and match. When buying a piece i like to think beforehand what i can wear it with - if it's not versatile i won't tend to bother unless it's amazing. So i guess my dress sense is versatile, comfortable and modern.
11. What's the one piece of advice you would give someone that was lacking in confidence? 
Find happiness within yourself, spend some time alone and don't be afraid of that. If you feel comfortable being alone then eventually you will become more confident. Think of all the good things you have and all the positive things about your life and focus on those things rather than noticing the negative. Count the reasons you are lucky. 

11 questions i set:
What do you prefer - a quiet night in or a wild night out?
If you could have any job in the world - what would it be?
What is the one makeup item you could not be without, ever?!
What is your favourite movie and why?
Which one person's style do you love and admire? 
Are you a bath or shower fan?
Eat out or eat in?
What do you think is your best asset and why?
Phone calls or text messages? Which one do you prefer?
What are your 3 'go to' clothing items?
What is the one thing you want to say to all your followers?

I'm breaking the rules! I will not be tagging 11 people - mainly due to the fact people may not want to do it. I just think it is a nice way to get to know more about the blogger behind the posts. So if you would like to carry this tag on and answer the questions i have set for you then please, DO IT - and let me know so i can have a look :)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Recent Makeup Purchases!

Some things i picked up out whilst out shopping, can't resist!

Topshop - Nail Polish - Gypsy Night - £6 
A colour i have wanted FOR months. Finally got my hands on it, yay! So happy, even more in love with it now!

Rowfers - Spike Wrist Collar - Afflecks Palace - £1.50 
I have wanted a black spike bracelet for ages and when i seen this i just couldn't resist! Bargain compared to the prices in Topshop etc. for a similar thing! Love this!

Primark - False Eyelashes and Hair Slides - £1 each
Another great bargain these false eyelashes they look so long and full and luscious. Can't wait to wear these! There's a few other Primark lashes i have my eye on too ;) and hair slides are just a necessity really!

Topshop - Lipstick 'Ohh la la' - £8
Topshop - Cream Blusher 'Neon Rose' - £6
Both lovely coral colours, been lusting after this lipstick for a while, to me it's a more flattering version of the Barry M lipstick 54 - i love this colour. If you like corals - check it out!
The blusher again is a bright coral pink shade - so smooth and gives a nice fresh slick of colour! (Thankyou to my boyfriend for these and the nailvarnish!)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

'Clubbing' Outfit!

Outift (simple really)
Dress - Primark - £10
Wedges - Varanni Shoes - £22.95

Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear in ' 4W1Shell Beige' 
Powder - MAC Blot Powder 'Dark'
Contour - AVON Loose Powder
Bronze - Illamasqua Powdered Metal in 'Ezrule'
Eyebrows - Rimmell Eyebrow Pencil in 'Black Brown'
Lipstick - Look cosmetics 'Toffee Cup'
False Eyelashes - Rimmell 

Extensions from Jolin (link to website here)
Curlers used to curl hair - Babyliss Proffesional 210 Curling Tong (available from argos)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Look it's Lipstick!

Look Cosmetics lipstick in 'Shade 4 - Toffee Cup' Available from selected Superdrug stores (i assume the larger ones)

There are about 5 shades available. I'm sure everyone can find a shade they love. 
This was my favourite out of all the available colours. It looks very natural and just adds a nice pop of colour in one swipe. 

Packaging: As you can see on the picture above it is packaged within a nice silver metallic, rectangular  shaped enclosure (which has it's pro's and cons). I find it pretty bulky which i dislike when taking out in a small bag but it can be useful as you can find it easily. I also like how it does like nice on your dressing table when stood up.

Colour:  I would describe this as a baby pink toned nude. As you can see above on me it is very light and leans more towards a light pink whereas on The Sunday Girl it is much more of a darker pink nude. It all depends on the colour of your skin but i think on very dark skintones this will be way too light (i am NC42 - Mac). So much darker than my skintone i'm not sure you could get away with it unfortunately. 

Consistency: The lipstick itself is pretty highly pigmented. It provides an opaque coverage in 1/2 swipe and doesn't feather/bleed. I find this lipstick can be very drying after it has been applied. So applying lip balm beforehand is essential!
Length of wear: I'd say this would last about 4 hours without food/drink and obviously a little less when eating or drinking. So don't forget to take it with you for top-ups along with lip balm. 

Overall, it is a very good lipstick that i seem to reach for daily for a nice nude-ish lip. And for £7 it doesn't break the bank! I definitely recommend you try these out (if you can find them)! 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Outfit - Day in Manchester!

Last week i went on a Philosophy trip to the art galleries in Manchester (and lunch in chinese buffet - yummy) as our module is 'Why do we value art?' so it was supposed to be very helpful. It such a fun day but the weather was SO crap and horrid. So i had to wrap up warm. This is what i wore (along with my trust khaki green parka):

Jumper - Primark
Black Shirt - Topshop
Leather Panel Leggins - New look
Ugg Boots (Classic Short - Chesnut) - Uggaustralia.co.uk
Necklace's - Topshop
Rings (left to right) - H Samuel, my Mums Ring, Primark and my Mums Ring
Nail Varnish - Barry M 'Spring Green'

Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear
Concealer - MAC Studio Fix 
Powder - MAC Mineralise Skin finish
Contour - MAC Studio Fix Powder
Blush - Avon True Colour Blusher 'Russet'
Mascara - Avon Super Shock
Lips - Lancome Juicy Tube 'Lychee'

Friday, 17 February 2012

Party outfit

Dress - H&M
Dolly Shoes - Primark
Black Belt - Tesco
Leather Jacket - New Look
Charm Bracelet - Thomas Sabo
Cross Ring - bohoboho.com 

I wore this to my cousin's 21st surprise party. 
I wanted to dress up and make an effort but i didn't want to be too dressy up. Such a dilemma! 
So i kept it casual with the leather jacket and flats!

I just kept my makeup pretty much as normal (everyday makeup here) with added winged black liner, Illamasqua powdered metal on my cheekbones and Look lipstick in Toffee Cup. 

Overall it was such a good night and i love this dress so much now! Its so comfortable and eye-catching.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Small Haul!

Here are a few things i picked up when i went shopping on that 'snowy day' in Trafford Centre and Manchester.

 Look Lipstick in Shade 4 - Toffee Cup - £7
You can imagine my joy when i arrived at Trafford Centre to find a new, huge Superdrug which has Look Magazine cosmetics! yaaay! After seeing so many blog posts about Look cosmetics i knew i had to buy something. So i settled for this lovely, milky pink lipstick (review to come).

Skirt - Topshop - £12
I picked this skirt up in the sale in Selfridges. I was so happy! Not long ago, i broke the zip on my other bodycon skirt so, on the hunt for another one, i couldn't resist this with the leather along the top. It's perfect, such a lucky find.

Top - H&M - £9.99
I was searching for a top to wear with the skirt - considering this is black and white i thought 'what the hell' i'll try it on. I actually really liked it with the skirt and decided to buy it as i could always return it if i decided i didn't like it (outfit to come).

Dress - H&M - £15
At first i was a little unsure about this dress. To be honest i just bought it because it looked OK and i couldn't find another. Now i love it. It was so hard to picture - but it's a bright, cobolt blue. Amazing, i absolutely love it for day and night! (outfit to come)

 Dress - Primark - £10
I bought this specifically to go out in. Another LBD that i absolutely love. It's very flattering (sucks you in) yet it does look very 'sexy' with the sheer parts. Overall i think it's bargain purchase. (outfit to come)

 Natural Collection Blusher - Peach Melba - £2
Last but not least, a blusher i have heard quite a lot about. I used to use Natural Collection when i first started out with makeup and have heard lots of good things about this blusher. A smooth dusky, pink - so far so good. (review to come)

Hope you like my haul and the few things i picked up. All will be featured in upcoming posts!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Quick Update.

So i haven't blogged in 8 days :o how bad am i?!
All i can say is, i've been so busy lately - college and i've actually had a social life! I always plan to do things, then oops, i do everything but that! I pick the laptop up ready to do a blog post and i end up on other peoples blogs! So, my January goal of blogging more - hasn't exactly gone to plan, but i'm trying! 

And my other goal... eating healthily and sticking to my pole fitness sessions. I'm happy to say has pretty much gone to plan. Minus a few takeaways, a nando's and lots of terry's chocolate orange i've been eating three meals a day and sticking to the pole fitness sessions and i am definitely so much stronger but it's also so much fun. My arms ache like nothing else the next day! 

Updated goals:
1) Do more exercise! One pole fitness class a week is not making my tummy any flatter :(
2) Eat less terry's chocolate orange - it's becoming a bit of an addiction, i've even been dreaming about it!
3) Figure out ways to make sure i keep up with my blogging - i have all the pictures ready, just haven't done the posts!

So so glad the horrible weather is clearing up now! Hope it's not cold today as tonight i am going to watch Noel Gallagher in concert with my boyfriend and because we're standing and mark (my boyfriend) wants to be at the front we're going to be queueing! 
Valentines day tomorrow! Is anyone doing anything special? or do you not 'celebrate' it?

Nice talking to ya' - expect party outfits, lipstick review and a small haul! 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snowy England & OOTD

Outside Selfridges at The Trafford Centre - getting a few snaps of my outfit in the snow!

Rihanna top - Primark (mens section)
Denim Shirt - Topshop
Parka Coat - New Look
Leather panel leggins - New Look
Bag (underneath Selfridges one) - Miss Selfridge
Ugg Boots - Ugg store or online
Necklace - Bohoboho.com

My boyfriend, Mark, in front of the Manchester wheel (a smaller, not-as-good version of the London Eye).
Yes, Trafford Centre and Manchester in one day - small haul to come!

Also got treated to a Nando's - lucky me! It was delicious and nice to be warm and away from the harsh, snowy weather enjoying a Double chicken pitta and chips (my favourite).

Enjoying some 'fun' in the snow (big cheesy grin on my face). My Ugg boots got slightly wet but luckily my feet were nice and warm! :D

Foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear in '05 Shell Beige'
Concealer - Mac Studio Fix in 'Nw35'
Bronze/contour - Illamasqua Powdered Metal in 'Ezrule'
Blush - Avon True Colour Blusher in 'Russet' 
Mascara (lots of it) - Avon Supershock Mascara in 'Black' 

Overall it was a lovely day out, did not expect it to snow atall (glad i had my camera with me)! I hate the snow most of the time but this time i thought it was quite nice for some reason - i don't know why. Bought a few things, not much but, expect to be seeing them soon! 

Nadia xox