Sunday, 29 April 2012

Outift: 'One Sunny Day...'

 T-shirt - Topshop Maternity
Denim Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Converse

Chain Necklace - Topshop
Feather Necklace - bohoboho
Armour Ring - Primark 
Bracelets - Primark, Topshop

This is named 'One sunny day' because, remember when we had them few sunny weeks a while back? I wore this outfit, loving the warmth and sun Britain never usually gets in spring! 
I never got round to posting this, but i thought i'd do it now to cheer me (and hopefully everyone else) up now the weather is gloomy - rainy and dull :( not good!
Aaah, hopefully the sun will pay us a visit soon! *fingers crossed* eh?!

And yes my top is from the Maternity section! Who cares? I absolutely love it! If you like something in Maternity - why not try it on! It may turn out to be just what you're looking for!

Illamasqua Powdered Metal 'Ezrule'.

Illamasqua Powdered Metal in 'Ezrule' - available online/in store/counter - £22.50 

Packaging: Classic Illamasqua round tub with a black lid. Very sturdy and shiny with Illamasqua printed on the side and the logo on the top. Nothing special but it does look nice stood up on my dressing table. I don't reccomend travelling with this, like any loose powder it gets very messy and when you open it, it can go everywhere! I suggest storing this upright to avoid powder spilling out - that way you don't make a mess and don't waste product!

Colour: This is a dark, warm brown. A perfect bronzer colour on medium/olive skin tones (i am an NC42). I think this will be too dark on light skintones and end up looking muddy but, don't worry they do other shades! On dark skintones this may be suitable as a highlight on cheekbones? 
Overall this is a lovely colour to give a 'ethreal' glowy look to the skin and contour/bronze at the same time. The golden shimmer comes out great on camera and is only really noticeable when directly under artificial lighting. Noone has ever pointed out the shimmer and been like 'you have a glittery face' so i'm guessing it doesn't make me look like a disco ball (thank god) just gives my cheeks a sun-kissed glow!

Consistency: It's like any other loose powder really. Finely milled powder with lots of small particles of golden shimmer - not gritty or rough - goes onto the skin very smoothly and can easily be blended! I have no problem whatsoever with the formula!

Left - No flash                                               Right - Flash

Length of wear: This lasts a whole night out for me - from 8pm til 3.30am - not a problem. The pictures (below) we're took after a concert - so it definitely has staying powder.

If you're looking for a powder that will give you a gorgeous glow, you know like you see on them beach adverts? Then don't hesitate - try this out! They can be a bit daunting at first - noone wants to look like a disco ball but with a light hand, a fluffy brush and lots of blending the result is a gorgeous, ethreal, glow.

I honestly adore this for when i'm going out  - not for everyday use. 
I love it so much i want a lighter version to use as a highlight (not at the same time though obviously)!  As you can see on the pictures above it gives the nicest effect! I can't praise it enough.. 

Oh i did get this when Illamasqua had a sale, but it is worth the full price it will last ages!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Neon Rose - Topshop Cream Blush

There has been a lot of buzz about Topshop's cream blush's from many bloggers - so i picked one up quite a while ago now and have tested it out more than enough, here's my opinion of it...

Packaging: I forgot the take a picture of the compact shut! But the packaging is a white, rubber material with black polka dots (very cute) but it does tend to get dirty very easily - so if you're a clean freak, beware! The compact is small, travel friendly and as you can see has a decent size mirror prefect for taking out. 

Consistency: This blusher is cream in the pan but dries as a powder on the cheeks! I didn't realise this til' reading blog reviews and so when i bought this i was expecting it to give me a nice glow and it didn't - it finishes pretty matte! Although this is definitely more natural looking than a powder blush.
At first, i'll be honest, i hated this (strong but true) and couldn't find a way to make it look flattering! With my fingers it was just too neon. The perfect way is too apply this with a stippling brush (for me anyway) - it blends easily and smoothly onto the skin - so play around with it. Oh, and i find this applies best over foundation and/or powder - not underneath it just seems to fade and disappear.

Colour: 'Neon Rose' by name, neon by nature! It's a bright, pink coral shade which adds a perfect pop of colour. If your a pink/coral blusher fan i highly recommend this but unfortunately it's not entirely flattering on my skin tone. By all means it is not unbearable, it just requires bronzer on my cheekbones to warm it up. So if your dark-skinned this is a probably a no go, but i can imagine this being very flattering on lighter skin tones! It can be worn as a light flush or built up to make a statement!

left cheek - blended                                                  right cheek - applied more heavily 
 Length of wear: This lasts a pretty long time on my oily skin - around 6/7 hours which i think is great! It can easily be topped up through the day which means it will obviously look brighter for longer! 

This blusher is available from Topshop in store (doesn't seem to be online) - it's £8 (not too bad price wise) - the shade i have is 'neon rose'.

Overall, would i recommend this? Yes for lighter skintones. Would i buy this again? Maybe, i do prefer creamier, dewy cream blushers but i may try this in a different shade - this shade isn't the most flattering for me!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bargain: Primark Aztec Top!

Hi lovelies! Just a quick post to show you this gorgeous top (well i think it is anyway). 
And the best part about it? It's only £5 from Primark - Bargain!

As you can see the front has an amazing, bright aztec design - perfect for making a statement - and the back has a lovely lace detail which i love! It looks great with jeans, denim shorts, skirts - tucked in or left down. When i first spotted this it reminded me of a top you could get from Urban Outfitters for 4x the price; so i picked this up and never looked back...

Expect to see this in future outfit posts ;)

p.s. just wanted to say a HUGE hello to my new followers - hi guys! and thankyou to everyone that follows/comments <3

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Blog of Beauty Tag!

Hello guys... the lovely Emer from tagged me to do this post! I love Emer's blog - so go and have a look! And i do love doing a tag every once in a while. So thankyou Emer for tagging me! 

'Blog Of Beauty' Tag
1) You must answer all 5 questions
2) You must tag 6 other beauty blogger's
3) You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

The 5 questions:
1) What is your favourite part about blogging?
Hmm.. Well i've been reading blogs and watching youtubers for years and have always loved looking at different makeup looks, seeing what other people thought of products and finding different way to use products i already had! So i finally bit the bullet and decided to create a blog of mine! I love sharing with others what i enjoy so much - reviews, outfits, FOTD's. I enjoy knowing that it some way, something i have posted has been useful to somebody! And i just love putting my opinion out there ;)
2) Is there something you dislike about blogging? 
I haven't actually had any negative experiences with blogging yet but there are a few things that do get on my nerves. Like comments 'I have followed you, have a look at my blog, follow me back...' - it is really inconsiderate, we've taken lots of time to write this post and it just seems like you haven't even read it! At least find a post you like, write a comment relating to the post then leave your blog/giveaway link! When someone leaves a lovely or constructive comment i am more likely to have a look at their blog! So yeah that's the most annoying thing... 
3) What are your favourite types of posts to read?
I don't know... i love lots of different posts! It really depends on the day. Sometimes i love looking at FOTD'S/Makeup looks or sometimes i love reading skincare posts. So, if i had to pick - i'd say makeup reviews! Looking at what people think of makeup items, how they use them, what's good and bad.
4) What's your favourite post from your own blog?
I don't really think about my posts like that - i have obviously chose and enjoyed writing/shooting them all! My most 'popular' is the 'MAC Studio Tech Foundation Review'. Aaaaah i really have no favourite - maybe the Viva Glam Nicki post (love that lipstick)?!
5) Which beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog? 
Unfortunately i don't have all day to sit here and type all the products other bloggers have tempted me to buy because there are so many! Since i have started blogging my beauty addiction has spun out of control ahaa! I'd have to say has made me want to buy soo many items like a Sleek Blush by 3 palette, Mua Lip Boom... 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

All About Nails - Bellini

Here's another nail polish from the All About Nails range £1 from Tesco - Bargain! 
The colour is absolutely gorgeous. The perfect shimmery coral that shines different shades of gold and pink in the light. It's probably not to everybody's taste but i personally love it and have received a fair few compliments when wearing it! 
All nail polishes i have tried from the range are so long-wearing for their price with only minor chips after 2/3 days! It is the perfect spring colour! It applies evenly and only needs two coats for a full, opaque coverage.
I cannot reccomend these polishes enough - they are by far my favourite! 

p.s - check out my post about another polish from this range here - it's a gorgeous dusky pink!

Friday, 20 April 2012

I was awarded the.. Versatile Blog Award!

Waheyyy, so the kind Vanese from vanzthemachinee nominated me for the 'Versatile Blog Award' (which i am so pleased about). I've seen it on many blogs in the sidebar and often thought to myself 'I want oneee!' and now i finally do! So, thankyou so much Vanese for nominating me and your nice words also.

So, the rules are:
  1.  Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging. 
  2.  Let them know that you have nominated them.
  3.  Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  4.  Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
  5.  Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

Seven random facts:
  • I love owls, so much. They're soo cute.
  • I've collected 10 lipsticks in 5 months (probably not that many compared to other lipstick addicts - but i'm a newbie)
  • I love Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys) voice. It's super sexy.
  • It's took me 2 years to grow my hair from a bob to the length it is now!
  • My favourite colour is pink (typical, oh well!)
  • I love my cat soo much - too much!
  • I have a 'blog book' where i jot down idea's and write all the products i need to test etc. down. Because my memory is poo!

So who do i nominate? 
                        Always one to break the rules ;) i have only tagged 9 people not 15!
  1. Ruby from 
  2. Marie at
  3. Laura from
  4. Sam at 
  5. Lizzie at
  6. Sian from
  7. Georgia from
  8. Sophie at
  9. Bella from
I genuinely love and enjoy reading all these blogs - so check them out!! 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

ELF Smokey Eye Beauty Book!

Elf Beauty Book - Smokey Eye kit - available from elf online/i got mine from T.K Maxx - £6

Clockwise: Front cover, instructions inside, eyeshadows inside the palette (excuse the missing sponge applicator - i lost it/got rid of it).

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking! As you can probably expect from ELF - this product is cheap and cheerful! Good price, high quality!

The powder eyeshadows are so highly pigmented and just as good quality as the likes of MAC. I tend to lean towards the neutral colours most in this palette but they are all brilliant. I love the cream (top left corner) as a highlight/lid colour! The shades on the end are supposed to be cream eyeshadows and even though they look good on the swatch on the eyelid i do not like them atall. They are so hard and stiff - not so much creamy and the colour is hard to build up - these are not so pigmented at all, a let down compared to the powders! 
 Each row has four shades so you can create a complete a full look, highlight, lid colour, crease shade and the cream eyeshadow can be used as a base or eyeliner. Although i skip the cream shadow and use my own eyeliner and base. 

Flash                                   No Flash
Flash                                No Flash
Flash                          No Flash

Overall i do love this palette/book i don't use the cream eyeshadows as they are just soo hard to work with and the pencil eyeliner isn't the greatest either and with most things the sponge applicator went straight in the bin! But, if you are interested in one of these from ELF i would definitely recommend it - a fun mix of bright and neutrals to apply how you like or create three different coloured smokey eyes (using the shades on the same row)! Definitely a product worth it's teeny pricetag!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick!

Now i know you've all probably seen about 10275 posts about this lipstick. But, after wearing it a few times and to be honest, falling completely in love with it, i thought i ought to dedicate a full post to Viva Glam Nicki! As a huuuuge fan of Nicki Minaj i'd been lusting after this for ages and when it finally came to buying it i will a little unsure - my lips were chapped and it just looked a neon pink mess - after a bit of persuading off my mum that it did in fact look good i'm so glad i bought this! And when you know all your money (minus VAT) is going to a worthwhile cause - MAC's Aid Fund - what's not love to love?

 The usual sleek, black bullet that accompany's all MAC lipsticks with red accents instead of the usual silver and Nicki Minaj's signature printed inside with is a really nice addition.

No flash                                                             With flash           
Colour: Described as a 'bright yellow pink' which is more than true! My first words when i tried this on was "woah thats bright!" This a statement shade - definitely not for the light-hearted! I don't think the pictures do this justice - as it really is a bright, neon pink! I think this will work best on lighter-medium skin tones - i am nc42 (mac) and this looks great with my tanned skin but i think it may look a little too stark on very dark skin tones unfortunately! But i'd always recommend you try this out before making any decisions as it look's different on everyone.

With flash
No flash
Consistency: This is a satin shade - which is like a semi-matte finish and is highly pigmented! And i mean highly pigmented and bright! So you may want to dab this on to the lips so it isn't so 'in your face' or i apply it straight from the bullet and and rub it in with my fingers which just takes a bit of the colour off so it's not sooo bright!   This applies easily - no tugging or pulling and lasts for a long time (around 4 hours). After a while though it did sink into the lines of my lips - but a good lipbalm can solve that!

Overall, this is a bright, neon pink lipstick that is definitely worth the pricetag! Just make sure you exfoliate and add lipbalm to your lips before applying and your good to go!

Friday, 13 April 2012

'Going out/Concert' Makeup!

So my last post was what i wore to the drake concert so below is how i wore my makeup for the night... 

These photo's we're took at the end of the night when i got home, so my makeup obviously isn't looking as good and fresh as it did at the start of the night! Still - at least you can see how these products faired through a concert (there we're no top ups) - i think it lasted pretty well if i'm honest!

Base: I wore my trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in shell beige, set with MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in shade medium dark and concealed using MAC'S Studio Finish concealer in shade nw35. This combo controls my oily skin extremely well considering i was dancing around for 4 hours at a concert and gave me a flawless(ish) base!

Bronze/contour: I just use a loose powder to contour which is a few shades too dark - i find this works best for creating a shadow. For the 'ethereal', bronze look i used Illamasqua's Powdered Metal in Ezrule brushing it onto my cheeks (concentrating in the hollows) and brushing it up to my temples and onto my forehead. This gave me a bronzed but sculpted look and the shimmer gave me a healthy looking glow and highlight!

Eyes: I used my favourite - Avon SuperShock mascara. I gave them a good few coats to get long, dramatic lashes. I used an eyeshadow by MAC called 'Dazzlelight' in the inner-corners of my eyes to give them a bright eyed effect and really open them up.

Lips: I used MAC's Viva Glam Nicki lippy! Absolutely in love - gorgeous, statement colour and long-lasting as you can see!

So, this is pretty much how i do my makeup for all nights out/concerts - the only thing that really changes is the shade of lipstick and the addition of false eyelashes - as i know it never fails to be long-lasting and gives me that healthy glow that i love so much whilst keeping oil at bay!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Outift: Mint Green Dream..

So i'm sure you've all heard of Drake and know who he is, right?! Me and my friend were lucky enough to get tickets about two weeks before and we had an amazing night. Drake's so passionate about what he does. Here's a few photo's if you're interested:

Anyway, enough of Drake, here's what i wore...

 The dress is from Desire - i bought it from the shop but it's available here online! I'd been craving something mint green for a while and i've been loving the asymmetrical trend - so i fell in love with this dress as soon as i set eyes on it! They also do it in a pretty coral/pink colour too. And the cute bow belt comes with it - although you can change it if you like! My one fault is the thin material - you could completely see the slogan (Wanna sleepover?) on my knickers through the dress when i tried it on - so  nude underwear was a must!

I teamed it with some brown platforms which just elongated my legs. They're gorgeous but deadly - i fell on my arse basically - sooo embarrassing! They were limited edition from Miss Selfridge, so sorry guys, they're no longer available ;) 

So thats it really - i kept it simple as i didn't want to take any attention away from the dress, as the title suggests, to me, it's a 'mint green dream'!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring/Summer Pastel Nails!

I've recently been getting more into 'nail art' and adding little extra's to my nails as opposed to just painting them one colour! These are something i came up whilst i was playing around making different shapes using masking tape! I personally like the outcome of each nail being different but, you may do all nails the same like, have them all half one colour and half another!  

Anyway here's everything i used: 
Avon Clear Nail Polish, Nicki Minaj OPI 'Pink Friday', 'Mint green' from Marks & Spencer, Masking Tape, Scissors.

First i applied 3 (thin) coats of 'Pink Friday' which is part of Nicki Minaj's collection for OPI. Such a cute baby pink - love this colour!

I then put masking tape on my nails - covering the places i wanted to keep pink and leaving open the spaces i wanted to paint mint, green. Then painted two (thin) layers of the mint green nail varnish from Marks & Spencer - such a gorgeous colour - all over the free spaces (don't worry about painting over the tape!).

Make sure you leave your nail varnish to completely dry - before applying/pealing off the tape! And i chose to use masking tape as it isn't as sticky so there's less chance of it ripping your nail varnish off!

Then i topped it off with a clearpolish/topcoat to seal it all together, and here is the final result: