Friday, 28 September 2012

Lush Giveaway! *Closed*

Hey all! Giveaway time.. 

Ready for Manchester Arndale's Great Student Giveaway? I did a post about it here. Lush have kindly offered these prizes for the lucky winner.. 

Lush has a brand new hair care range in-stores Manchester Arndale are giving you the chance to win a set of this beautiful new shampoo and conditioner so you're stocked up for the new term! 


Blousey shampoo (£18.00 for 240g) ... a gentle shampoo for treated, dyed or damaged hair that will revitalise and put some life back into it. Nourishing bananas are emollient to hold moisture on the hair, making them extremely softening and conditioning. There are also spices like pimento and anise to stimulate the scalp and hair growth and cocoa and cupuacu butter (from Brazil) moisturise and add shine. Hair is left feeling incredibly loved and looked after as well as gorgeously scented with rose oil, blackcurrant absolute and juniperberry oil, with a little stimulating thyme oil and rosemary oil thrown in to look after the scalp. Vegan 

 Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning hair perfume (£9.00 for 100g ; £18.00 for 250g) … your hair will be feeling happy, happy, joy, joy after being treated with this beautiful conditioner which is the perfect accompaniment to Blousey shampoo!  There’s almond milk to moisturise and strengthen hair; jojoba oil to add shine; and grapefruit and lime oils to refresh and provide even more shine.  But what really sets this conditioner apart is the fragrance, it’s based around neroli and grapefruit as these oils bring the happy feeling.  The joy joy is what you spread as you float through your day!  

All you have to do, is simple leave a comment. Make sure your following me on GFC. Leave your GFC name, a way to get in contact if you win and your location e.g Manchester or Birmingham! 
(Giveaway ends on Tuesday 2nd October at 8pm GMT) 
Good Luck... 


Manchester Arndale's Great Student Giveaway!

Today i want to let you know about an event you Manchester bloggers (especially students) will love!

It's the great Student Giveaway Night at Manchester Arndale! So if you're a student (new to the city or not) from the north-west make sure you pop down on Tuesday 2nd October!


Sounds fun right? Music and most importantly, discounts! 
Yes, lots and lots of discounts for anyone with a student card to enjoy! Simply present a valid student ID and get money off (subject to what the store is offering). Perfect time to get all those things you've been lusting after. 

Here is a full, lengthy list of the discounts on offer: 


Wow, think there might be enough offers, don't you?
So come on down, say hello to me it'd be lovely to meet some of you guys, grab yourselves a Nando's (20% off - tempting!) and have a bit of retail therapy!

You can also get yourself a free £5 gift voucher by going to this link..

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Smell Wonderful All Day this A/W

Hello! Please exuse my lack of blogging these past few weeks, i've been so busy with other things that blogging has really took a back seat. But i'm determined to get back on track and get back into a regular routine.

Gosh life has been a little crazy recently (and i've been a little lazy) but one little routine i have kept up is this. It makes me feel pampered and smell wonderful..



Lately i've become addicted to body butters, not quite sure why, but i have. It might be because i used the mango one everyday on holiday and since then i've been craving the butteriness in a more winter related scent. Hahaa, mango and winter just don't go together, or is that just me?

So, i took advantage of that free body butter offer The Body Shop had recently and got a Coconut Body Butter. It smells utterly amazing, just like the typical coconut scent you would expect. At first it's a little strong but once settled you smell lovely all day long. So i apply this morning and night with a few squirts of Natural Collection's Vanilla Body Spray which also lasts all day. This combo is amazing.

But after seeing the Almond Body Butter on sale, i was dead set on getting that one too. I love the smell of almond it's much more sweeter than the coconut one but is still dusky and wintery. I also spritz abit of vanilla body spray on top of this too (which is only £2 from boots).

Both of these combo's are my go-to everyday. For a dusky winter scent, these will leave you with a light scent all day and leave you feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Boohoo £50 Challenge!

Hello! Here's my last minute entry to the Boohoo challenge where we basically have to make an outfit (shoes, accessories - it all!) for under £50. No discounts included. Not easy i tell 'ya! 

It took my a fair few days to come up with this outfit. After drooling over the many beautiful things on the website (my Boohoo wish-list is now longer than my arm) i finally came up with this.  I am seriously hoping to buy this whole outfit, especially the bottoms asap...

(clockwise l-r)
Gracie Short Sleeve Peplum Top - £12
Cally Baroque Leggings - £10
Whitney Black Lace Up Flatform Trainer - £15
Jade Spiked Necklace - £8
Total = £45

Waheyy! A full outfit for under £50 - pretty good if i say so myself.

Thanks to Fashion Vouchers letting me know about this competition! I am in love with this outfit for day with the trainers, or at night with some killer heels (although i couldn't fit them in my budget).

What do you think? Perfect for A/W with the baroque trend and bargain price tag or not for you? 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Perfect A/W Makeup & Hair!

Hello everyone! After the lovely Rebeca's guest post on Autumn makeup looks i really wanted to do my own. Last year, one of my first posts was an A/W look (similar-ish) to this. I think my makeup/photography skills have improved greatly from then and really wanted to do re-do it. Hopefully you'll all like it! I do.. 

Face: Mac Pro-longwear Foundation, Mac Studio Fix Powder, Mua Bronzed Perfection Bronzer (cheeks, temples), Nars 'Casino' Bronzer (contour).
Eyes: Avon Double-ended Kajal Stick - Brown end (line all around the eyes), MUA Heaven & Earth Palette 'Shade 12' (applied on top of eyeliner with a brush and smudged slightly), NYC Waterproof Mascara. 
Lips: Sleek Eau La La liner in 'Raisin' (lipliner), MAC 'Hang Up' lipstick. 

This is a look i will be rocking for the coming months. For me, A/W is all about vampy/berry lips, matte/flawless/natural skin and smokey eyes that are easy to do! This ticks all the boxes. 

Now for the hair.. Photobucket
For me in A/W when it's raining, windy (in England anyway) i really want my hair out of the way! There's nothing worse than your hair blowing all over the place - so not a fan of the windswept look. So a pony tail is perrrrfect for me, here's how: 

Make sure all hair is straightened or sleek on the top so it goes back nicely(don't do the lengths of your hair if you'd like it curly), then backcomb all the top layers of your hair on top to add lots of volume (think beehive!). Next tip your head upside down and pull it into a pony where its comfortable for you. Add a cuff if you like, pull some bits down around your face for a more relaxed look. And tah-dah.. 

Let me know if you re-create this look or even if you like it.. 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

NYC Waterproof Mascara.

So today i thought it was about time to let you know my thoughts on this little gem. You can probably tell aready it's going to be a pretty positive review. NYC Waterproof Mascara is simple a black mascara that claims to be waterproof and costs just £1 from pound shops in the UK or £1.50 off Fragrance Direct - so a mighty bargain in my eyes.

Now i don't normally go for waterproof mascaras to be honest, i don't see the need for them in day to day life, my trusty mascaras featured here do me well enough! But i got this for my birthday off my mum and decided to put it to good use on my hols (perfect timing!). Although it was a bit risky as it's the only mascara i took :O

Overall i really liked this mascara. I didn't expect it to add volume and length to my lashes but it did (albeit not as long as other mascara's but enough). It made my lashes really black and bold adding lots of volume - no spider leg lashes for me. The mascara is quite wet, so it does catch the top of your eyelid and leave a mark really easily but, it can be easily wiped away. The brush has soft, fibre bristles (different to my usual rubber brushes) but works in to the lashes really well and coats them all. 
But, most importantly, is it waterproof? Yes, it does not budge. In fact, it's such a pain to get off even with eye makeup remover (let's just say it's not very delicate eye friendly). It's definitely one for those sweaty nights out or days by the pool on holiday. I highly recommend it for that, but day-to-day use it's a bit too hard to remove. 

Definitely taking this on my next holiday. Have you tried this? Do you think you will now?

Friday, 14 September 2012

MAC 'Hang Up' Lipstick!



  I picked up the shade 'Hang up' last A/W as of course plum lipsticks were so in and i had to have one! I originally had my eye on 'Prince Noir' but upon trying it on it did not suit me whatsoever. Nor did 'Rebel' or any of the other plum-ish shades MAC did. 'Hang Up' was about the only one that looked nice - i was in love then and i still am now.

'Hang up' is a cremesheen formula which means it has a glossy, shiny finish to it, rather than matte. This means it glides on so easily and makes the lips look so healthy (good for those with dry/chapped lips). Because of the formula it doesn't last as long as other MAC lipsticks but nevertheless it does last a considerable amount of time (2-3 hours not including eating or drinking). Top ups are sort of necesarry with this as it's not natural in the slightest and you want it to look opaque at all times. But, one swipe is really all you need for opaque, dark lips (sometimes to too pigmented for my liking!)

As you can see, this lipstick is a deep berry slash red wine colour. It's like a really dark red with tints of purple through it. A pretty lovely and unique shade in my eyes. I really love it as a statement shade for A/W and sheered out it looks just as pretty and far more wearable! When applied really lightly it adds a more lilac toned tint to the lip perfect for the spring and summer months too. Great for all year round :) But be careful, it your going for full on glamour, careful application is a must! A lip brush might come in very handy.

What do you think of 'Hang up'? One for you this A/W?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

FOTD: Purple Crazyyyy!

Hey all! On monday i missed my makeup monday FOTD because i've been so busy and just didn't have any looks to share with you. But i have a makeup look i'm dying to post because i love it so much and think you lot might too so i decided to post it today. 

I finally finished my MAC 15 palette (finally!) and i'm really happy with it. One of my last purhcases for it was 'Shale' due to lots of recommendations on twitter and a rather appealing swatch. I instantly fell in love and it looks even better on the eyelids. It's so gorgeous and goes perfectly with 'Sketch' (another favourite) which is how i've wore it here.. 

Mac Match Master foundation
Mac Studio Fix powder 
Nars 'Casino' bronzer
Natural Collection 'Peach Melba' blusher
Mac 'Groundwork' paint pot (base)
Mac 'Shale' (like) 'Sketch' (crease & lower lash line) 'Black Tied' (liner & outer corner)
Avon SuperShock mascara
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil 'Black Brown'
Mac 'Hang Up' lipstick applied lightly

I absolutely love this makeup for a night out, i feel so glamorous! Add a pair of falsies and you're good to go ;) 

Nadia xox

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Holiday pictures: Brighten up your day! & OOTD.

Hello my lovelies! How are you all on this horrible, rainy day? Typical England. I've only just got around to putting the pictures of my laptop from my holiday. This year i surprising didn't take many (i'm usually snap happy!) I just have a few from the day we went of a shopping trip. Obviously as a blogger, a shopping trip was right up my street. We were took to a lovely little Bulgarian market in a little town then onto the biggest mall in the area, Bourgas Mall then finally onto Bourgas's high-street.

It was such a lovely day, albeit really hot and walking around all day was the last thing you wanted to do but it was so nice to get out of the resort (Sunny Beach) and explore more of what Bulgaria had to offer. Bourgas is such a beautiful city, definitely somewhere i could see myself living, it had the perfect mix of city/shopping but also had a lovely park right by the sea. 

The AMAZING Bulgaria Zara (wish i could of bought it all).
The gorgeous view from the 'Sea Park' in Bourgas!

Bandeu Top - Primark
Shorts - Primark
Shoes - Topshop
Lovely Sunglasses from Bulgaria's H&M (1 lev - 50p!!!)

Anyhow, hope your liking me throwing a lifestyle post in there as i hardly do. 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Alison Claire Hand & Foot Creams!

Hello! I have some wonderful creams to show you today by Alison Claire. Alison Claire offers completely natural beauty products available to order online. All products are supposed to be skin friendly, irritant free and made of completely natural ingredients so very good for sensitive skin types! There are a wide range of products available, haircare, body creams, washes etc. Everything you could need basically.

I received the Mango & Coconut Hand Cream and the Peppermint & Witch Hazel Foot Cream. Both of which smell very different but very yummy! 

In the package came two little samples of the hand cream and foot cream - small enough to my taken in your handbag or through airport security (like i did) but big enough to last quite a while (about 2 weeks). The lovely, glossy glass jars looked so gorgeous on my dressing table. I also received a booklet with the samples, like a little catalogue, telling me all the products they sold - prices and sizes too. I thought this was a really nice touch and really enjoyed having a read through finding out more about the brand and all the other products they offered! 


The Mango & Coconut Hand Cream as you can tell by the name was scented with a mix of mango which is quite strong and fruity and coconut which is more musky and sublte. I was unsure at first how these two mixed would go (being my favourite scents) but together they blend together beautifully. Leaving your hands smelling subtly, tropical. The cream was moisturising without being greasy or slippery and absorbed really easily. Great for on the go. I took this with me on holiday and found it to be great relief for my dry hands around the pool and on the plane. I genuinely recommend this as a lovely, relatively cheap, natural hand cream. 

Peppermint & Witch Hazel Foot Cream again another wonderful product. It smelt of your typical peppermint foot cream which although was strong it wasn't over powering which i personally prefer. There's not too much to say about this - it's a really nice foot cream that was moisturising and really hydrated my feet without being thick. I didn't get that slippery feet feeling like you can get with some foot creams. So overall a highly hydrating, strong smelling treat for your feet! 

Both creams had an almost butter feeling to them. They seemed to me like a mix of lotion/butter. This was so nice as it meant they were both really nourishing without being too heavy for everyday use! Also you only needed a tiny amount to moisturise the skin so a little goes a long, long way which is always a bonus! 

I've loved this experience with natural body care. The smells were both fab and very appropriate for the part of body. I'm really interested to try the body butters, i bet they are lurrrrvly. 

Have you tried anything from Alison Claire? If not, what would you like to try?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Empty Beauty Products #2

Hello! More empties to show you today, it's been quite a while since my last one but i don't go through that fast really (as much as i try to). I really wanted to use up as much as i could before i went on holiday so i could get lots of new beauty products there and here is what i used up..
Rose of Bulgaria Nourishing Hair Mask - Absolutely adore this! It smells lovely (like roses) and really hydrates my hair leaving it feeling smooth, tangle free and soft. I use this in-between shampoo and conditioner every single time i wash my hair as it really makes such a difference!
Would i repurchase? Yes, i just bought a new one from my holiday in Bulgaria.

Refan Melon & Apricot Hand Cream - What can i say, i can't praise this hand cream enough. It's my holy grail, favourite hand cream ever! It's like a butter so it's thick and so moisturising but isn't greasy. LOVE IT! 
Would i repurchase? Yes! I have just bought two more on my holiday to keep me going. 

Morrisons Glorious Colour Conditioner - Bit of a boring one but i absolutely adore it so i needed to share. It's such a cheap conditoner but works so amzing well to keep hair soft, shiny and hydrated. I can instantly feel the difference in my hair after using this. Hello glossy locks! 
Would i repurchase? Yes i will keep on purchasing it.

Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask - Aah i think most of us picked this up when it came free with Glamour a few months ago. I've only just got round to using it as i've been using the other hair mask above. I like this product, it leaves hair soft, smooth and tangle free but i find you need to use lots of product for it to really work so it empties really fast. 
Will i repurchase? No, it's not worth the price-tag as it goes so fast and my Rose of Bulgaria face mask is cheaper and works better.

Refan Mango Exfoliant - Love this. It smells like heaven in a tub and does a great job at exfoliating the skin making me feel as smooth as a babies bottom. It's not too harsh but does the job! 
Would i repurchase? Yes i have just bought another on holiday in a different smell :)


Nivea Soft Cream - I used to really love this moisturiser and have been through a few tubs. But, i'm just not loving it anymore. I find it way to thick for my face and prefer to use other moisturisers that smell nice on my body. My boyfriend really likes this though for himself. So a good product for a couple to share ;) 
Would i repurchase? No, i prefer other moisturisers! 

Lacura Aqua-Complete Serum - I have done a review on this here. Basically i really enjoy this moisturiser and does the job, smells lovely and is really cheap. It's great for the face and you only need the tiniest bit. I can't get the last of the product out the pump though! 
Would i repurchase? Yes, i already have. I have a new bottle ready and waiting.

Asda Skin System Vitamin E Toner - I don't like this product i think it definitely breaks me out. It's way to harsh for everyday use (although is good for when you want a deep clean) and my skin isn't sensitive in the slightest so it must be harsh! 
Will i repurchase? No, never.


Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner - Finally used the remainder of this up. I adore this toner so much, it does a fab job of making sure the skin is really clean without being too harsh and stripping the skin. It smells nice, the spray bottle is great and it's great for toning/refreshing! 
Will i repurchase? Probably at somepoint in the future. Trying others for now. 

Simple Refreshing Face Wash & Simple Soothing Toner - These two products are like pea's in a pod. They work fab together and giving the skin a really good clean, keeping dirt at bay and preventing spots/blackheads. Great combo and they are also very gentle which is good! 
Will i repurchase? I have already got the full size bottles, yes. 

MUA Bronzer 'Shade 1' - I cheated slightly on this, it's not completely gone, oops. But i'll only get 2/3 more uses out of it. It's a really good bronzer for £1. It's quite orange and contains a bit of shimmer  but that's great for giving the skin a lovely sun-kissed glow. It takes a bit of building up on my skin-tone but nevertheless it lasts a long time on the skin and looks lovely. 
Will i repurchase? No, i prefer their new Bronzed Perfection or the 'Shade 3'. 

Hollister Crescent Bay Body Mist - I love body mists for summer and this is no exeption. This smells so delicious really bright, fruity and fresh. So sweet. Unfortunately most of this leaked in my box so most of it was gone :( But i loved what i had left of it.
Will i repurchase? Yes, it smells so gorgeous and summery! 

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion - Let's keep this short: This is one of my favourite mascara's ever, it adds both length and volume making the lashes look amazing! It lasts all day, no smudging and has a nice size brush so you can get all the little corners. Perfect. 
Will i repurchase? Yes when i've used all the others lingering in my stash!

Wow, long post i know! Thanks for sticking with me. 
Have you used any of these products? What do you think?

Monday, 3 September 2012

My Hair Care Favourites!

Hello you lovely lot! Today i have a post all about my favourite hair care products, what i use on my hair and what like about everything i use. There will be lots of 'raving' about products and lots of recommendations. So if you love looking after your hair and like it to look smooth and healthy (like i hope mine does) keep reading..


In terms of washing my hair, i don't go overboard and use too much. I like to keep it simple using just shampoo, conditioner and the occasional hair mask. One of my favourite shampoo's is the Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care shampoo, pictured above. It smells lovely, washes the hair so easily and really soothes the scalp (especially if you have a sore/itchy scalp). And my conditioner of choice at the moment (I love the Vo5 Gloss Me Smoothly too) is this Glorious Colour one by Morrisons. It smells absolutely dive (of fruits) it's a nice colour and does an amazing job of leaving hair soft, nourishes and super smooth. This is normally enough to make my hair tangle-free and soft but i do like to use the Rose of Bulgaria Nourishing Hair Mask sometimes too! 


My favourite hair brush ever (hahaa) is this Round Brush from Primark it has a mix of plastic and like natural bristles so it tames hair really easily! It gets rid of tangles so easily and because it's round it's great for blow-drying and curling under. My holy grail of all heat protection sprays is Lee Straffords Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist - does exactly what it says on the tin keeps hair looking healthy, protects it from heat and leaves hair looking shiny. Also smells lovely too. Batiste Dry Shampoo is an absolutely saviour on those days when you need to refresh the hair, just don't have time to wash it or need to add volume. And last but not least, my hairspray of choice (for yearrrs) is Tresemme's Freeze Hold Hairspray it keeps hair in place without leaving it rock hard (unless you spray it too close) and doesn't leave you with all white bits when you brush it out. Love it.

So, that's pretty much everything i use on my hair on a weekly basis. I don't really stray from these products. They do the job so well and are all pretty cheap too - win!

What are your hair care essentials? Do you agree with my opinion on any of these?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Collection 2000 Cream Puff - 'Cotton Candy'!

Today i have one of my favourite lip colours to show you and it's one of my most used lip products. I never thought i'd love this Collection 2000 Lip Cream as much as i actually do, it's one i tend to reach for when in a hurry and know it won't let me down. It's such a steal costing only £2.99.

I have the shade 'Cotton Candy' which is a lovely mauve, pink! You can see me wearing it here

Essentially these are what it says on the picture above - 'Velvety soft, matt finish, lip creams'. You can apply one layer for a nice wash of colour or apply another for an opaque finish! They go on so smoothly (although a little streaky at times) and the doe foot applicator making precise application very easy. 


Matte lovers will absolutely love this. It dries completely matte, not one hint of shine and lasts on the lips like a stain. It's very long lasting so one for those who don't like topping up! Although it's not too good if you eat/drink it will make it patchy so you will need to patch it up :) 

But, it's a gorgeous pink colour - very flattering and doesn't require any hard work! So a winner in my eyes. 

What do you think of these lip creams? Do you want to try them?