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Hello! I'm Nadia, a student from England. I love blogging and writing about my purchases and anything makeup/fashion/lifestyle related really.
Not many of my friends and family share my passion for beauty and fashion, so i'd like to share my obsession with you guys - lucky you ;)

Photography:  I have two camera's. 
I use my Sony Cyber-shot. Model DSC-W370. 14.1 mega-pixels - mainly for lip swatches or any pictures on the go or in a hurry.
I use my Olympus SP 801uz 14 mega-pixels - for all other photo's of outifts/makeup etc.
I use the iPhoto app on my laptop to crop/edit pictures.

My skin: I am half african so my skin is naturally quite tanned - i am around a MAC NC42 and have yellow under tones. I have combination/oily skin - very oily around my t-zone which is a pain, but my forehead and outer parts of my face can be very dry. My face is also a lot paler than my body and i have redness around my nose and cheek area and englarged pores. Unfortunately i have not been blessed with naturally, beautiful skin!

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  1. Hi Nadia,
    You are so beautiful! Actually, I am missing your dressing table pictures where you make yourself so beautiful.


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